Why Autumn Is The Best Time To Seed Your Lawn

Autumn is the ideal time of year to seed your lawn, and understanding the benefits of autumn sowing can help you achieve a lush and healthy lawn all year round.

Seeding your lawn in autumn provides the optimal conditions for your lawn to thrive. Not only does it speed up seed germination but it is also helps prepare your lawn for next spring and summer.

Tackling your lawn now means you’re one step ahead and means you don’t leave all the hard work for when the warmer weather comes round next spring.

Whether you’re overseeding your lawn after a summer of wear and tear or starting from scratch and sowing a completely new lawn, we will discuss why autumn is the perfect season to focus on your lawn care.

Weather Conditions Are Perfect

One of the main reasons why autumn is a great time to seed your lawn is the climate at this time of year as it provides ideal conditions.

Seeding your lawn in autumn and following these simple autumn lawncare tips you can achieve the perfect lawn.

You can sow grass seed when temperatures are 8-10 degrees and above, and in many places throughout the UK we are still reaching these temperatures until end of October time.

Firstly, the cooler temperatures allow for optimal seed germination. Unlike the scorching heat of summer, which can hinder growth, the mild autumn weather creates favorable conditions for the seeds to sprout.

The soil is warm at this time of year which is an important factor when it comes to planting seeds as this helps to release nutrients which are essential for plant growth.

Soil also provides nutrients required for seed growth and development and when soil temperatures are just right, it will speed up the germination process.

Additionally, there is usually more rainfall in autumn, which provides the necessary moisture for the seeds to establish strong roots.

Grass seed needs water, oxygen and heat to grow and autumn conditions provide the perfect combination of these 3 elements giving the seeds the best chance to thrive.

Furthermore, autumn provides the perfect balance between warmth and cold. The mild temperatures allow the seeds to germinate and establish before the winter season.

Prepares Your Garden For Next Spring

When seeding your lawn in autumn you’re not only going to benefit from it now, when spring arrives you’ll be rewarded with a lush and healthy lawn.

September and October weather provides the perfect conditions for seeding your lawn and enables the seed to establish strong root development leaving it more resilient for the following seasons.

After your grass seed has established and you’ve done it’s first cut, you can feed your lawn with our autumn lawn fertiliser which feeds your lawn with the essential nutrients up to 90 days.

Your lawn will still need some tender, love and care after the harsh winter months but by seeding your lawn in autumn it will definitely get you that one step ahead and closer to achieving a lush lawn for you to enjoy in spring and summer.

Lawn care can often feel daunting to beginners but by following a few simple steps you can really make a difference to your lawn and prepare it the best you can.

Less Watering Is Required In Autumn

Another key benefit to seeding in autumn is you won’t need to worry about the hot weather and water availability.

There is no requirement to actively water your lawn unless there is unusual hot temperatures. The seeds will absorb moisture naturally from the rain which means less work for you.

When sowing grass seed in late spring or summer you run the risk of hot temperatures which can dry out the seeds if not watered frequently . This can slow down the germination process and sometimes cause the seeds not to grow at all.

Frequent rainfall means you don’t have to worry about when is best to water your lawn and saves on water bills, aswell as your time.

Less Weeds For The Grass To Compete Against

One of the biggest advantages of seeding in autumn is the reduced weed competition. As the temperatures start to drop, weed growth naturally slows down, giving newly seeded grass a better chance to establish itself without being overrun by invasive plants.

During the autumn season, many of the common summer weeds, such as clover and dandelions, begin to lose their vigor and go into dormancy.

This decrease in weed activity means that the newly germinated grass seeds have less competition for nutrients, water, and sunlight. With fewer weeds to contend with, the seeds can take root more easily and flourish into a thick, weed-free lawn.

Additionally, the cooler temperatures and increased moisture in autumn create an environment that is conducive to successful seed germination and root development.

Furthermore, the autumn rainfall provides consistent moisture and helps to keep the soil adequately hydrated, giving the seeds the necessary conditions for growth.

Simple Guide To Seed Your Lawn In Autumn

Please follow the below steps to overseed your lawn. For a more detailed guide please read our article on how to seed your lawn.

  1. Prepare the lawn by mowing it and raking away any debris or thatch.
  2. Apply pre seed fertiliser and grass seed. These products can be applied on the same day. Use a spreader to evenly distribute the grass seed across the existing lawn.
  3. Gently rake the seed into the soil to ensure good seed-to-soil contact.
  4. Apply a thin layer of compost or topsoil over the seeded areas to help retain moisture.
  5. Monitor the weather forecast for regular rainfall, ensuring that the soil remains consistently moist for the new grass seedlings to establish.

This process will help repair bare patches, promote vigorous growth, and result in a lush and healthy lawn in the coming seasons.

We sell a range of premium grass seed mixes and we also do a bundle which includes the pre seed fertiliser and the grass seed which is everything you need to achieve a lush green lawn.


In conclusion, autumn is widely regarded as the best time to seed a lawn due to the favorable conditions it offers.

With diminished weed competition, optimal soil and weather conditions, and a longer establishment period, seeding during this season can result in a healthy, weed-resistant lawn that will thrive in the following spring and summer seasons.


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