Shade & Sun Grass Seed

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  • Grass seed for shaded areas
  • Grows in sun & shady spots
  • Wet & drought tolerant
  • Fine leaved grasses
  • Grows along fences, near trees and shrubs
A versatile Grass Seed for Shaded Areas that contains a blend of fine leaved grasses which are perfect for both sun and shaded areas.

You can plant it near trees, shrubs, and fences without having to worry about it struggling in the shadows and is specially formulated to be wet and drought tolerant.

DEFRA Certified Seed
Grows from 10+ Degrees
Germination cycle 7-28 days

shade grass seed 5kg
Shade & Sun Grass Seed From: £24.99 inc. Vat
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Customer Reviews

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Robert M.
Rob Marson

The seed recommended for a shady lawn certainly done the job

Fantastic Seeds for Shade & Sun

I have a reasonable sized patch of ground at the bottom corner of my garden which is is enclosed by fencing on two sides and a tall side of a garage on the other. It gets no sun in the morning and only sun during the middle of the day. Come the afternoon it receives no sun because on the west side boundary there is a row of conifers directly behind the fence. An additional issue is that the roots of the conifers take up a lot of moisture from the ground and the acidic pine needles seem to kill of the grass where they fall.
During the winter months I just leave that patch, but come spring I start trying the improve its appearance. I invariably end up reseeding that entire area and I water it, at least twice a week. This year I invested in Garden Lawncare Guy’s seeds specifically designed for sun and shade. Seeds were laid in Marc/April time and I started regularly watering the patch. The seeds germinated quickly and the grass is healthy and strong. I accept that this area will always pose an ongoing battle for me, but I must say I am impressed with the quality of the seeds and very glad that Matt is able to supply customers with grass seed for different areas of the garden. I will have to check and see if he supplies seeds for boggy and wet areas too.

Thanks Matt

All the best,


Great Green Grass

A big YES to this grass seed. I’ve used 2 x bags to improve and thicken my lawn / patch repair. It’s come through strong and is thriving under a big walnut tree. Definitely would recommend. 👍

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Grass Seed for Shaded Areas

Shade Tolerant Grasses

Get a green lawn in almost any conditions – our shade grass seeds helps your lawn thrive in areas with shade that often struggle to grow and die back over the winter.

shade lawn grass seed
shade lawn seed

Grows in Sun & Shade

Growing grass in shady spots can be hard work and you often have mixed conditions like sun and shade.

This mix contains shade tolerant grasses that also thrive in sunny areas, so you only need to buy one grass seed mix to cover the whole garden.


Grass for damp areas

This professional quality grass seed is easy to grow and thrives in a range of conditions where other grasses will not survive.

It is very resistant to drought and can tolerate better than most seeds damp/wet areas.

Ready. Steady. Grow!

DEFRA Licensed Supplier

Government inspected for high germination rates.

Works on Any Lawn

Suitable for overseeding or patch repair

shade grass seed 5kg

Long Lasting

Can be stored dry for several seasons.

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How to Grow Grass Seed​

1) If required kill all weeds. For mossy lawns use a moss killer. Ideally do this 3-4 weeks before seeding

When the weeds are dead, cut your lawn short and rake out all the debris, moss and thatch.

Apply Seed Start fertiliser first
Apply the seed at 20-35g per square meter (use a higher rate up to 70g if sowing a new lawn)
If possible lightly covering with weed free compost or topsoil will help protect the seeds

Tread or roll the seeds into the soil
If you don’t have a roller use your feet to lightly tread the seed into the soil

TIP : If you have a lawnmower with a rear roller this can be used (turned off) to roll over the seeds.
Make sure its dry so they don’t stick to the roller

Keep moist by light watering during the first weeks of germination.

Depending on the weather this can be 1-3 times a day for a few minutes

Cut the grass when it starts to curl over itself under it’s own weight

After your first cuts apply

In Spring/Summer – Dark Green Lawn
In Autumn – Dark Green Autumn
In Winter – Dark Green Winter

To thicken up the whole area for a long lasting feed

Shade & Sun Bundle!

Try the Seed Start + Grass Seed Bundle

  • Pre-Seed Fertiliser
  • Grass Seed
  • Outstanding Results
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