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At Garden Lawncare Guy we are passionate about giving you the best possible experience with outstanding products and expert advice.

From improving your lawn just a little before the summer BBQ to creating a truly spectacular lawn and everything in between.

The recipe is simple. We tested and developed the very best grass seeds, lawn feeds and wild flowers and give free expert advice.
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Winter Blanket

Like using a blanket for the lawn, used while we had rain, since frost, the lawn still looks good, and has given the lawn that green fresh look, waiting for frost to go so I can put more down always love Garden Lawn Care as they put in a lot of care into their products.

Super seed

I have a long, narrow garden and my two dogs love to race up and down my lawn chasing the squirrels at the bottom of the garden. My lawn has been destroyed, and by last October it was a mud bath and only had a few clumps of grass remaining.
I scattered the grass seed, early November and I am amazed to now see lots of new grass popping through. I wasn’t holding out much faith as the dogs still chase up and down daily but somehow it has taken root. Super grass seed!

So far so good

We put the seeds in December (didn’t anticipate the -4) and somehow they survived the freezing weather and have come up! Lovely looking lawn we have now - can’t stop looking at it! Excited for the summer when it will be in its full glory! We can tell the grass is much better quality than that of our neighbours so we would purchase here again and would recommend


Great mix, has germinated well despite extreme cold snap and now very wet weather

It has started to grow in the cold weather

A product that really works

Great service from Garden Lawncare Guy. Seed sown early November and we now have a beautiful green back garden. Will definitely buy again

Great product

S bit early to tell but so far the results are very promising.

My Go To Company For Lawncare

The Lawncare calendar is a great help to keep your lawn healthy all year round. The YouTube videos really help to build your knowledge and understanding what it takes to maintain a great looking garden through the different sessions of the year. Having this knowledge really helps you know your making the right decisions when selecting grass seed and fertiliser from the Garden Lawncare Guy.

Cold star grass seed & fertiliser

Wow 🤩 I never new it was possible to grow grass so quickly, excised my expectations in every way

Cold start grass seed

Moved into new property in July22 and half of lawn had died due to heat of summer ,lack of water and chafer grub.
Raked of dead grass and reseaded in late October .
Amazed how it has grown and very pleased with result ,will leave over winter and buy more in spring to overseed

Cold start grass seed

My lawn was extremely patchy after removing moss. The summer was over when I applied the grass seed and to my amazement the seeds germinated even in cold conditions. I'm leaving the lawn alone until spring to give the seed enough time to put down good roots. I would recommend this grass seed to enyone wether you are over seeding or starting a new lawn.

Excellent Service

Great product and great service - highly recommended

Good Product!

Great Youtube Channel gave important information and advice. Top guy, brought Pitch Prefect and seeded in October, looks good.

Lawn feed

I was pleased with the result of how my lawn picked up after the state it was in due to the hot weather. Thank you

Good product

Greened my lawn up within a week and was very easy to use.

Grass seed

Good result from seed following lawn renovation

Update my first review from 2days ago with photos

Would like to update new review with proof how good cold start grass seeds really is with before and afterwards photos of my lawn . Also
this lawn has a large copper beech hanging over most of the lawn
which was covered in leaves before taking photos, The lawn was so
badly ruined this summer because of heat and lack of water.
Scarified lawns completely with aerator , first photo taken September 27th
and last photo on November 16th . Unbelievable new new lawn in that time.

American Dark green

Very pleased with American dark green
grass seed, scarified lawn, spread seed
& within 8 days the seed started to sprout. 1 month on and the lawn looks great lovely dark green colour.
Thank you Matt

Dark Green Autumn Lawn Fertiliser

It’s the first time I’ve used this and it has definitely improved my lawn and the grass in certainly greener. A great product.

Healthy and green in mid November!

My lawn today (mid November!) and one week after applying your 10-5-10 autumn fertiliser!!  

I undertook a total scarify and overseed project on 10th October (following all the advice you provide from your YouTube video tutorials) and also used your 6-9-6 starter fertiliser at reseed.

Evidence that both products work amazingly well. Products were also delivered within 18 hours of order!! Highly recommended for all!



Excellent service, excellent seed

Sowed in mid September we’ve gone from a disastrous lawn to the envy of the street, in only 7 weeks.
It’s already been cut twice and needs another when it stops raining.

Highly recommend!

Dark Green Fertiliser

My lawn is looking really good. Would recommend this product. I shall be using it again.

New lawn

Amazing product and amazing customer service.Matt was on hand to offer advice right the way through.can’t recommend highly enough.

Good Seed

Done a complete re-seeding with American Dark Green Seed and its Seed Start fertliser bundle. Looks alot better, fuller, greener then the damaged lawn I had before. Although I still have some patch problems from previous fertiliser damage. Great stuff, will use again next season.

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