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At Garden Lawncare Guy we are passionate about giving you the best possible experience with outstanding products and expert advice.

From improving your lawn just a little before the summer BBQ to creating a truly spectacular lawn and everything in between.

The recipe is simple. We tested and developed the very best grass seeds, lawn feeds and wild flowers and give free expert advice.
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Shaded area

The advice and seed was gr8. Where grass wouldn't grow b4 is now lush and green.

Very good product brings your grass to life

Excellent product, takes a couple weeks to establish but well worth the wait. Lush dark green grass, perfect if wish to stripe your lawn.

Fantastic Seeds for Shade & Sun

I have a reasonable sized patch of ground at the bottom corner of my garden which is is enclosed by fencing on two sides and a tall side of a garage on the other. It gets no sun in the morning and only sun during the middle of the day. Come the afternoon it receives no sun because on the west side boundary there is a row of conifers directly behind the fence. An additional issue is that the roots of the conifers take up a lot of moisture from the ground and the acidic pine needles seem to kill of the grass where they fall.
During the winter months I just leave that patch, but come spring I start trying the improve its appearance. I invariably end up reseeding that entire area and I water it, at least twice a week. This year I invested in Garden Lawncare Guy’s seeds specifically designed for sun and shade. Seeds were laid in Marc/April time and I started regularly watering the patch. The seeds germinated quickly and the grass is healthy and strong. I accept that this area will always pose an ongoing battle for me, but I must say I am impressed with the quality of the seeds and very glad that Matt is able to supply customers with grass seed for different areas of the garden. I will have to check and see if he supplies seeds for boggy and wet areas too.

Thanks Matt

All the best,


Made up with the results

Scarified the lawn to within an inch of its life at the end of April. Was given an electric scarifier as a birthday present last year. To be honest I thought it had taken too much up and was worried. Last year I’d done it by hand and didn’t feel it had got everything up.

After scarifying used the seed start and over seeded with seed I got from you last year and used the seed start and covered with Jacks Magic Compost. I’ve  sprayed with the seaweed plus twice now I think.

Made up with the results. I probably need to get some top dressing and a lute later on in the year to get rid of the lumps and bumps but really happy how well it’s come along.

impressive mix

I am so pleased I bought from this company. The seeds were packed in a strong paper packet and arrived fast. I have an area planted around my vegetable garden and am so pleased with the germination. Soon I will have the wild flower garden I have promised myself for a few years. I would recommend this company to others for certain.

Great Green Grass

A big YES to this grass seed. I’ve used 2 x bags to improve and thicken my lawn / patch repair. It’s come through strong and is thriving under a big walnut tree. Definitely would recommend. 👍

Amazing turnaround delivery wise amazing products great advice couldn’t ask for more

American dark green

Very happy, great product, website easy to navigate, delivery no issues. My lawn looks best the it ever has…

Wow just wow!!!

I applied the green grass 7 days ago and I’m gobsmacked on the results! It’s transformed my lawn and it’s incredibly thick and lush green, I never write reviews on products but this stuff deserves it! It’s a must buy if you want to be the envy of all your neighbours 😝
Any doubt message me personally I’ve no hesitation on telling you how good this stuff is 👍🏻


Set seed late April. Pictures show growth after three weeks. Very pleased with results.

Brilliant products

Great product! Used fertiliser along with iron and seaweed after I reseeded my lawn. Photos speaks for themselves.

Fantastic results in only a week.

Used the dark green lawn fertiliser after a lawn renovation on the back garden (5 weeks after overseeding) and an established lawn at the front, both showing great results after only a week and definitely boosted growth.


Very good quality. 5*****. Amazing how fast growing grass. Only 4 weeks.

Very impressed 👍

Moved into a new house in January this year the garden was completely moss no grass after speaking with lawncare guy I was very excited to give the seed a try after being recommended to get sun and shade I rotavated the whole garden treated moss and leveled and put seed down in just under 7 weeks I had a amazing lawn a few small patches but that was my own fault I winged it and went out there using my hands to spread seeds and just put everywhere and it could be also Shelia and moreen the pidgins eating some that also did not help but it's amazing iv just over seeded. 🙂 10/10 from me

Great products and support

I found it through YouTube and my lawn needed major help but I wanted to do it myself. The new build garden was shocking. Weeds everywhere not remotely level so major surgery needed. 1st phase of leveling as and overseeding has worked a treat still some patches which are now in progress but the products supplied and the customer support I am going to be using them for the foreseeable future and recommended to family

It worked!

We decided to give seed one last try before changing to astroturf as we had seeded our lawn multiple times, since buying our home four years ago, and it wasn’t growing. Even the roll out turf didn’t survive. We did some research and got Garden Lawncare Guy Seed and Shade and I honestly cannot believe my eyes, we finally have thick grass growing, within one week of seeding! Cannot recommend enough

Brilliant lawn fertiliser

It’s now over two weeks since I used this on two lawns and I can honestly say the results are amazing. I have never used a lawn fertiliser that worked exactly as stated before but this one has exceeded my expectations. The lawns greened up very quickly and look really healthy and lush.

Magic grass seed!!

My lawn looked tired and after many failed overseeds and feeds, my last resort was either re turf or try the cold seed.
I scattered the seed in autumn and the lawn just grew healthy thicker and now looking amazing 🤩 top class seed and will be reseeding again in autumn. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Worked pretty well for me although the weather this year has made things challenging loads of rain boggy gardens cold weather we’ve had it all.

The seeds germinated really well despite my challenge now is to try and get things level after the boggy ground. I did also call the guy and he was super helpful. 🤙 thanks legends

High quality, quick growing!

We had a large area of patchy lawn which is in the shade for most daylight hours so purchased the Shade & Sun seed mix... SO happy with the results, huge improvement within 3-4weeks. Highly recommended.

5 star result

Used Iron Sulphate Max Strength followed by Dark Green Lawn Fertiliser, delighted with the result.

Excellent customer service

Getting my lawn back

My dogs and the incessant rain of a couple of years ago. destroyed most of my lawn. Tried supermarket bought seed twice and nothing. Read about Cold Start Grass seed and thought I would give it my last shot before paying out for turf. A friend lent me her rotavator, so got that done, sowed the seed, topped with top soil and some compost as I ran out of topsoil, then used the hose and waited. I am impatient and thought I had done something wrong when nothing showed after a couple of days. But then we had warmer temperatures and rain. Low and behold, the grass sprouted and the mud has turned green! It is beginning to look like a lawn again.

Garden up grade

I layed the grass seed and it grew in a couple of weeks one one side of the lawn was brilliant bit the other side I aerated it but it's nothing but clay and stone nothing was growing on it well not as good as the other side we all want a nice looking lawn nice and green so I've put in drains now and ordered 20 ton of fluffy top soil I'm now in the middle of getting me that lawn I've dreamed of nice soil nice seeds I will lay them properly next week I will have a nice lawn it will be worth the wait

Pre seed fertilizer

Product arrived on time and was nicely packaged. Applied before overseeding my lawn. Existing grass greened up evenly, still waiting for seeds to germinate.

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