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7 Highly Effective Autumn Lawncare Tips

Autumn is nearly here and the summer is drawing to a close, it’s the prime time for carrying out some simple maintenance on your lawn.

The below article will provide you with the ultimate guide to renovate your lawn and how to keep it looking green and healthy over the autumn and into the winter period.

September is the best month to focus on your lawn care as we get a good mixture of weather which will help your lawn thrive.

We usually get a mixture of warm temperatures and rain during September which provides great conditions for your lawn to flourish.

7 Highly Effective Autumn Lawncare Tips

Is it OK to Mow my Lawn in September?

You will need to maintain regular cutting of your lawn to keep on top of growth. Mowing your lawn regularly is one of the key basic things you can do to improve the appearance and health of your lawn.

It is best to mow on a weekly basis if you have good levels of moisture within your lawn as it should be near its optimal growth so regular cutting is required.

However if you grass is on the dry side and has slow growth mow at least every 10 days and raise the mowing height 1 or 2 notches.

Adjust your mowing schedule to accommodate the growth rate. Aim to mow when the grass is dry or slightly damp to prevent clumping and uneven cuts.

Avoid the temptation to cut too much off the grass in one mow as this can lead to scalping and brown patches.

Cutting too much of the grass off can make your garden more prone to drought and weeds. If you’re unsure about how much grass to cut, a good guide is to avoid removing more than a third of leaf shoots in one go.

Mowing the lawn in september
Lawn Mowing in September

Should you feed your lawn in autumn?

September is a great month to fertilise your lawn. Feeding your lawn with a good fertiliser can help aid its recovery from summer use and prepare it for the colder and harsh winter conditions.

It is essential to feed your lawn with the right type of fertiliser to achieve the best results.

Opt for a slow-release, balanced fertiliser that contains Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus which are essential nutrients for green and healthy grass.

Our best selling dark green autumn lawn fertiliser is perfect for this time of year. This is a granular feed will provide your lawn with all the essential nutrients to keep it looking healthy and lush.

An alternative to the granular feed is our liquid lawn feed, this product is great for those who prefer to apply using a sprayer.

The dark green lawn liquid lawn feed is a highly effective lawn fertiliser that’s fast acting and none toxic. This product can be applied all year round.

We would recommend the Ultimate Autumn Lawn Bundle which includes everything you’ll need to level up your lawn.

This bundle includes the dark green autumn granular feed, seaweed plus liquid and the green machine liquid feed. This bundle includes a 10% discount.

The dark green autumn is the main fertiliser and should be used as priority over any of the other products.

It is fast acting, long lasting and will feed your lawn with all the essential nutrients to keep it looking lush and healthy.

The other 2 products work well in conjunction with this and are great as a booster. The seaweed is a bio stimulant which improves health / growth and is a resistant to stress on your lawn.

Green Machine is a liquid iron which will help green up your lawn. These can all be applied on the same day.

The dark green granular feed lasts around 8-12 weeks and the liquids last around 4 weeks. You can repeat use after this time period.

Top tip: If possible it is best to rake or scarify your lawn before you apply the fertiliser.Β 

Feeding with Autumn Lawn Feed

Can I apply grass seed in September?

September is a perfect time to apply grass seed as the temperatures and moisture levels are ideal to promote seed growth and help it thrive.

Picking the right grass seed is important to help you achieve the best results. Here is our top 3 best selling grass seeds:

The weather conditions are great to help with germination so it’s a very popular time of year to seed your lawn.

When applying grass seed it is key you have carried out some simple steps to ensure the ground is prepared appropriately to give the seed the best chance.

Here is the process to apply your grass seed:

  1. Cut your lawn
  2. Rake or scarify the lawn to remove thatch and debris
  3. Apply our pre seed fertiliser
  4. Apply the grass seed
  5. If possible tread or roll down the grass seeds or lightly cover with fine compost or screened topsoil
  6. Water in and maintain regular watering until it’s germination

For a detailed guide read our article on how to seed your lawn.

What is best way to remove moss from the lawn?

Moss is more common in the damp and wet conditions so it may not be a problem for you in September. However if you do need to reduce moss in your lawn we have the perfect remedy help you get rid of it.

It is best to apply when the weather is warm but not hot so going into September is an ideal time to apply the product.

It is important to mow your lawn before applying moss killer as it will allow the product to reach the soil and work effectively.

We have two main products which help to get rid of moss. We have our iron sulphate max strength which is a granular product containing iron sulphate and magnesium.

This can be applied by hand or a spreader.

If you prefer products where you can apply via a sprayer or watering can then go for our green snow. This is a iron sulphate powder product.

Iron sulphate is very effective against moss. This will turn the moss black and help green your lawn.

How do I get rid of weeds in my lawn in Autumn?

It is important to keep up with regular mowing as this can prevent weeds from going to seed.

However as we all know weeds are very common in lawns and boarders and can easily take over if not kept under control.

For broadleaf weeds (for example Clover, dandelions, plantain) it is best to use a selective weed killer. Selective herbicides are able to selectively target broadleaf weeds such as clover, depending on the chemical, without harming your lawn.

Weedol for lawns and resolver for lawns are examples of selective weed killers but ensure to read instructions to make sure it’s a selective one.

Grassy weeds (e.g clumpy, coarse grasses, thick stems, light green colour). For these you will need to apply a total / high strength weed killer or dig them out and re seed the area.

Keeping your lawn fed with lawn fertiliser all year round can help combat against weeds as the lawn will get the essential nutrients it needs so has a better chance of competing with the weeds.

How to kill weeds in your lawn

When should you scarify and aerate your lawn?

It is important to scarify and aerate your lawn on a regular basis as it can help achieve a healthy and green looking lawn all year round.

Ground preparation is key before adding grass seed or fertiliser to your lawn as it allows for better seed to soil contact therefore it allows the product to work more effectively.

It is best to scarify your lawn first before aerating it. Scarifying removes thatch and debris which has built up in your lawn. Removing this will allow your lawn to breath.

It important to remove thatch and debris before overseeding or feeding your lawn so the product can work more effectively. An alternative tool for scarifying is a garden rake.

Using an aerator will allow water and air to get to the roots of your lawn which will help the seeds thrive to create a green luscious lawn.

It will also decompact the soil which allows for better water drainage. It is best to aerate your lawn when the grass is actively growing so spring and autumn are good times to aerate your lawn.

The best way to control grubs in my lawn?

Grub control is an essential part of your lawn care. Looking after your lawn and keeping it fed with the essential nutrients all year round can help prevent grubs infesting in your lawn.

Common lawn grubs you may come across are chafer grubs and leather jackets. They can eat the roots of grasses and other plants, to the point where they can cause areas of your lawn to die so it important to keep them under control.

If you can see any bald patches or lawn damage there is a chance that it can be down to insect damage. Patches of the lawn may become yellowish.

The best way to get rid of chafer grubs and leatherjackets is by investing in some pathogenic nematodes. These are microscopic creatures and are natural enemies of chafer grubs.

This treatment will attack their larvae by infecting them with a bacterial disease which which stops them feeding and then they quickly die.

This product can be fast and effective, compatible with organic gardening and it’s easy to use just mixing with water. Please ensure to follow specific application instructions on the product you buy.

To repair damaged patches from the grubs, please read our article on how to overseed your lawn.

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  1. I have quite a lot of clumps of light coloured broad leaved weed grasses in my lawn.
    “Grassy weeds (e.g clumpy, coarse grasses, thick stems, light green colour). For these you will need to apply a total / high strength weed killer or dig them out and re seed the area.”
    What total/high strength weed killer would you suggest, as referenced in your statement above?
    Can it be applied without killing off my finer grasses in my lawn?

    1. Hello look for any weed killer that kills all vegetation / total weedkiller – unfortunately this will also kill your desirable grasses and the selected area will need to be repaired via seeding

  2. My lawn is virtually non existence of grass. It mostly consists of moss and weeds, such as dandy lions.
    How should I proceed to bring lawn back to grass?

    1. if the lawn is mostly weeds and moss you can use a high strength weed killer to kill it all off, wait for a few weeks, rake out the debris and then seed at the end of the month. This is a great all round mix for seeding

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