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How to Overseed a Lawn – The Ultimate Guide

Overseeding a lawn is the process of adding new grass seed to an existing lawn in order to thicken and liven it up. This is best suited for the Autumn or Spring, and will require some basic tools and supplies like grass seed, pre-seed fertiliser and a rake or scarifier. Follow these simple steps to get started!

Why overseeding your lawn?

Overseeding your lawn can :

  • help to thicken up a lawn that is starting to thin or go bald
  • help to revive a tired, patchy lawn
  • is an easy way to add new life to an existing lawn without having to start from scratch.

A thick and healthy lawn will naturally compete with weeds so by adding favorable grass seed you can improve your lawns resistance to weeds

Tools and Equipment

In order to overseed a lawn, you will need some basic tools and equipment.

This includes a lawn mower to mow the existing grass, a rake or scarifier to help remove the dead grass and a sprinkler or hose to keep the lawn moist.

You will also need some grass seed and pre-seed fertiliser.

How to Overseed your lawn

  1. Choose the right time of year to overseed. Avoid extreme temperatures and dry conditions as new grass seed need moisture to germinate.
  2. Cut your existing lawn
  3. Remove any dead grass or debris from the lawn by raking it out or scarifying it
  4. Spread the seed start pre-seed fertiliser evenly over the lawn
  5. Broadcast the grass seed over the fertiliser and rake it in
  6. Keep the lawn moist by watering regularly, using a sprinkler if necessary
  7. Watch your lawn grow thicker and lusher!

How long does grass seed take to grow?

The results of overseeding a lawn can be quite dramatic. In just a few short weeks, you will start to see the new grass seed germinate and grow.

The thicker and lusher your lawn becomes, the less chance there is of weeds taking hold.

So, by overseeding your lawn on a regular basis, you can help to keep it healthy and weed-free.


Q: How often should I overseed my lawn?

A: You should overseed your lawn on a regular basis, preferably every year.

However, if your lawn has alot of wear and tear or difficult conditions like heavy shade overseeding may need to be done in spring and autumn to maintain healthy grass

Q: Is overseeding the same as seeding from scratch?

A: No, overseeding is the process of adding new grass seed to an existing lawn, while seeding from scratch is the process of planting new grass seed in an empty or bare patch of ground

Q: I have a lot of weeds in my lawn. Will overseeding get rid of them?

A: No, overseeding will not get rid of weeds.

However, a thick and healthy lawn will naturally compete with weeds so by adding favorable grass seed you can improve your lawns resistance to weeds.

Q: What is the best month to overseed your lawn?

A : Spring or Autumn are best. The temperatures are warm enough for grass seed to germinate without being too hot and in the UK climate has enough rainfall to help keep give the seeds moisture during germination

Q : Do I overseed or fertilise first?

A : It is best to fertilize your lawn before overseeding. The additional nutrients will help the new grass seed germinate and thrive. A specialist pre-seed fertiliser like Seed Start can get your new grass seed off to the best possible start

Watch our step by step lawn overseeding video

The Ultimate Guide to OVERSEED your LAWN
How to overseed a lawn

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