Shirley Singles Poppy – Red + Pink – Covers 10m²

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Shirley Singles poppys are known for producing large, vibrant blooms with a delicate texture, making them a popular choice among gardeners.

With this pack, you’ll have plenty of seeds to plant and create a stunning display of red and pink flowers that will brighten up any space.

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shirley singles poppy seeds
Shirley Singles Poppy - Red + Pink - Covers 10m² £7.99 inc. Vat
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Sowed at 2-3g per square meter shirley singles poppy seeds are easy to grow in the UK from seed and thrive in a sunny location even with poor soil.


Sow in Autumn for early flowers or during spring for a long summer flowering period for vibrant red and pink flowers that open to the warmth of the sun.


Poppy seeds are annual flowers that openly self seed in the UK for year on year displays. They are a most welcome addition of colour to attract pollinators to your garden.


Poppy Seeds are rich in pollen so are loved by pollinating insects, especially bees and will attract a wide range of pollinators!

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