Clover Lawn Seed

From: £14.99 inc. Vat

  • 95% Grass Seed with 5% White Clover
  • Overseeding Lawns or New Area
  • Easy to Grow
  • Attract Pollinators and Bee’s
  • Low Maintenance
Clover Lawn Seed is a blend of 95% grass seed and 5% white flowering clover making the ideal ratio for those who want to create a beautiful, eco friendly habitat in their garden!
Clover grass seed
Clover Lawn Seed From: £14.99 inc. Vat
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Grass Seed Clover Mix

Grow your own natural white clover and grass seed lawn with this lawn seed mix

Overseeding or New Areas


Grow a new area from scratch, repair patchy areas or overseed your existing lawn to introduce flowering clovers

This mix is easy to grow by raking over the area to remove stones and debris and then scattering the seeds.

Low Maintenance

This micro clover can be left to grow wild with very low maintanance or cut shorter for a neater look.

Overseed your existing lawns at 25g-35g per square meter or sow new lawns at 50-70g.

Easy to Grow

With no special tools required this alternative seed mix is ideal for those who want to create a beautiful, eco friendly habitat in their garden!

White clover also produces lovely flowers that are a magnet for bees and pollinating insects to visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If you have existing grass cut the lawn short.
  2. Rake or scarify the area to remove debris and stones
  3. Scatter the seeds over the surface by hand or spreader
  4. For new areas rake the seeds lightly into the top layer of soil.
  5. For existing areas the mix can be covered with a thin layer of compost or screened & sterilised topsoil. This can improve results but is not mandatory.
  6. Tread or roll the seeds to increase seed to soil contact
  7. Keep the ground moist during germination either via rainfall or using a sprinkler.

Sowing clover and grass seed is best suited to spring and autumn. For spring sowings wait for the risk of frost to have passed, typically in the UK this is March. Clover lawn seed can also be sown in the summer if you can water the mix via hose or sprinkler during germination.

This mix will typically germinate between 7 and 21 days. As with all natural products it depends on the weather and temperature. With warm temperatures and water clover can germinate from 7 days onwards.

Our mix has 95% grass seed and 5% clover seeds which our expert recommends as a great balance for a mixed lawn with clover.

If you are looking for a 100% clover lawn see our 100% clover seeds which do not contain any grass seed.

Additional information

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Spring, Summer, Autumn