Cat Grass Seeds 150g

£5.99 inc. Vat

  • Cat Grass Seeds (150 grams)
  • Easy to Grow
  • Natural Source of fibre
  • Indoor or outdoor cats and kittens
  • 1 bag makes 40-60 pots
Grow your own homemade cat grass with these 100% natural oat seeds suitable for kittens and adult cats.

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cat grass seeds
Cat Grass Seeds 150g £5.99 inc. Vat
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Grass Grass Seed UK

Grow your own cat grass with these 100% natural oat seeds suitable for indoor and outdoor cats.

This Cat Grass mix is full of flavors and nutrients for your cat or kitten and offers a natural source of fibre.

Cat Grass Seeds UK
Cat Grass Seeds for indoor or outdoor cats

Easy to Grow

Fast growing grass seeds that sprout within a week to produce lush green grass for your cat’s enjoyment.

150g pack contains hundreds of seeds to make 40-60 pots and comes in a resealable bag


Supports Natural Digestion

Cats that eat grass on a regular basis can have fewer hair balls, better digestion and less constipation.


Cat Grass Seeds support digestion

Frequently Asked Questions

Cat grass seeds can be sown indoors all year round

This pack contains 150 grams of cat grass seeds – in other words there are hundreds of seeds and plenty enough to grow 40-60 pots

Sprinkle a few seeds into your pot so they arent touching and have space to grow

We use oat seeds in our cat grass mixes which is known for the best flavour and lush growth

Β Yes – just seal the pouch and the seed can be stored in dry conditions for several seasons.

Cat grass seeds can be enjoyed by all types of cats.

Including indoor cats, outdoor cats and kittens.

Plant the seeds in the top 1cm of soil and water.

You will see growth within a week and the grass is normally ready to eat within 2 weeks

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