Clay King Grass Seed & Fertiliser

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Clay King Grass Seed

Seed Start Fertiliser

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Customer Reviews

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S G.
Somerset lawn

After watching YouTube videos I have seeded a lawn for a new build that started off as a building site. The seed has taken really well and im sure after a follow up of overseed the patches will be gone and I will have a lush green lawn. All products arrived in a timely manner and I’m very pleased so far

Arthur Y.
Seed front lawn

If we did not have the persistent dry spell which forced me to delay the seeding I think I would have a decent lawn at the minute. I had to empty 6 large water butts to water the area. As things happened my lawn is 80% covered due to the colder weather we now have slowing or stopping the growth.
What is there looks great and I have enough seed to left to cover the bare areas in the spring so not all is lost. What has grown looks good so no complaints. Just wish we had more rain.

Kirsty W.

After treating the mostly weed lawn in May I managed to kill almost all of the grass
I have heavy clay soil which turns into a swamp after it rains. After using a hollow tine aerator and adding some sand, I reseeded with Clay King at the start of July. Copious watering before going on a weeks holiday and the result speaks for itself. Whilst everyone I knows grass had turned yellow, I had lush green, despite the infrequently watering.
2 weeks ago I overseeded again to go over the patches, I watered it once, but due to the dew and the volume of rain we have had, I'm back to a swamp. But it's now a lush green swamp

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Grass Seed & Fertiliser for Clay Soil

Get a lush green lawn even in clay soils with the Clay King.

Clay King Grass Seed

For green grass even in clay soil.

Seed Start

Non toxic feed for new grass & turf.


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Clay king 5kg

Why use Seed Start?

Seed Start is high in phosphorus, the nutrient responsible for root development.

Regular fertiliser can damage or kill your new grass, but Seed Start contains the right balance of nutrients to give your lawn the best chance of success.

New Lawns – Apply from 1 week before to 6 weeks after sowing

Overseeding – Apply from the time of seeding up to 6 weeks after

grass seed for clay soil
pet friendly lawn feed

Child & Pet Friendly Feed

A non-staining formula designed for homeowners with kids, cats, and dogs in mind!

It is essentially a non hazardous lawn fertiliser that will help you achieve a healthy looking green lawn

What Seeds are in the Clay King?

Seed is DEFRA certfied for high germination rates

50% – Tall Fescue
50% – PRG Rye Grass

For best results keep a taller cut height of 1.5 to 3 inches (40-75mm)
Min. 35g for overseeding up to 70g for newly seeded areas

Seed Start Fertiliser

Additional information

Use in

Spring, Summer, Autumn

Clay King Grass Seed

Use in

Spring, Summer, Autumn

Seed Start Fertiliser

Weight2.5 kg
Use in

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter