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Evergreen Complete 4 in 1 Summer Lawn Care

In this article I’ll be working on a thicker healthier lawn with tips on how to control broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, clovers and plantains.

Today I’m going to be using an 4 in 1 lawn food, weed control and moss control treatment.

Evergreen lawn care

Evergreen lawn care 4 in 1 can be used on any lawns between April and September when the weeds are actively going.

You want to be looking to apply this when the weather is fair, the soil is moist and the grass is dry and frost free.

I cover all this in my video below or if you prefer to keep reading then be my guest 🙂

Evergreen Complete 4 in 1 Application - Summer Lawn Care
Miracle Grow Fertilizer

Step 1 : Before Applying Lawn Treatment

Looking at the weather forecast for the first couple of weeks of September all you can see is rain rain and more rain, this is perfect for applying treatment like evergreen complete 4 in 1.

The extra rain will help keep the soil moist and really wash that treatment into the grass and into the roots of the soil bed.

 I’m using a bag of evergreen lawn care complete 4 in 1 that I picked up from Amazon. 

If you are going to use a hand spreader I would recommend that you don’t fill it up on the grass like I did because if it spills out the side then you can actually burn your lawn because you’ll over apply in that certain spot!

One box of 100m2 treatment will cover an area ten meters by ten meters, my garden is 11 meters by 9 meters so it’s perfect for the size just to use one smaller box of Miracle grow.

The pack that I bought was one of the refill packs which treats 360 square meters, which is 18 meters by 20 meters wide.

To  determine the size of your lawn multiply the length by the width in meters and you can work out the application rate for what you’ll need.

Moving on to what’s inside so you can see this is an all-in-one product, it feed kills weeds and moss, high in nitrogen for a greener lawn 7 days and high potassium for a  thick and tougher lawn.

Some typical weeds that need targeting at this time of year would be dandelions and thistle. 

Step 2 : How to apply a 4 in 1 lawn treatment

When applying the treatment I make two passes one going length ways and one going long ways,  this will ensure an even coverage of the treatment and it will stop green stripe  patches forming and in case you don’t overlap your passes properly.

If it’s your first time applying I’d recommend to start in a smaller area so you get the feel of how the applicator works, though it’s fairly straightforward just apply  the nozzle down and walk at a quick pace across the lawn. If in doubt, set your spreader at a low setting and do multiple passes to avoid overapplication which can cause burning of the lawn

If you have any left in the can and you should have used it as part of your coverage  you can always repeat at an additional pass.

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Step 3 : The Results

Your lawn will start to become a richer color within seven days, you’ll start  to see  the moss  blacken as it dies. Any blackening of the grass is only temporary.

 If you’ve got a lot of moss on your lawn you may need to scarify or rake vigorously after two weeks to remove any dead moss, the grass will then reestablish.

It may appear that some weeds will start growing quite quickly at first

However, they’ll start to become twisted prior to dying off and turn black.

Full weed control can be expected in around three to five weeks.

As we’re moving out the  summer you’ll probably need to mow less frequently because the grass will  be growing less vigorously.

You can also raise the height of the mower and this will help lawn to withstand the last dryer of warm weather and also keep it resistant to tread and as the wet weather arrives.

As the months will be generally more wetter you can also start to think about rectifying some summer damage by repairing patchy lawn with turf or seeds.

It is also really the last chance for using a weed killer while the perennial weeds are still growing strong such as daisies and buttercups.

You’ll all see quite a lot of thistle and dandelions still left on the lawn as well.

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  1. We have used Greenthumb for years but they have just doubled their price so we are investing in a spreader to apply ourselves. Using Miracle Gro 4 in 1
    We have had our spring treatment so would I be looking at a summer application in June / August and winter application in, say september, or just another one in september?


    I’ve applied it and it’s worked but I’m left with some pale coloured stripes where the there’s not much fresh grass. The greener bits are lush. Problem is I’m not sure whether the pale stripes are the result of too much or too little application. Any thoughts?

    1. I would guess these are patches missed during application, unless they are going brown which can mean over application

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