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How to Fix a Lawn from Fertiliser Burn

As a follow-on from the last article I burnt the lawn in one patch by over applying (spilling) evergreen four in one complete lawn treatment. 

I’m going to show you how to repair your lawn from fertiliser burn AND you can use this method to repair bare patches in the lawn 

Below is the video for this article if you want to have a look or continue reading the article below.

How to Fix Lawn Fertiliser Burn - Autumn UK Lawncare
Repairing your lawn after burning it with fertiliser

Repairing patches in your lawn

I did an application of evergreen four in one lawn complete treatment.

I made a mistake and filled the container whilst it was still on the grass and some of it to spilled over the side of the container onto the grass section.

After about a week the ground started to turn brown and i had killed it off in that particular section.

Whilst the rest of the lawn treatment turned out well, there was a few patches where I’d dropped excessive fertiliser on the lawn, over applied it and killed the grass!

In this article I’m gonna be looking at how you can recover this situation and repair any patches on the grass.

Step 1 – Preparing the ground

The first step to repairing the patches is going to be to mow the lawn.

Just mow at your normal mowing height to clear the area so you can see what you working with.

After you have mowed you can use a rake to remove any of the dead grass and create a surface for the seeds to sit on.

Having a clear area so that the grass seed can come directly into contact with the soil is very important.

Therefore preparation is key to remove any dead grass and organic matter to achieve a seed to soil contact which will improve the germination rate.

Step 2 – Choose the best grass seed

Choose an appropriate grass seed, Some premium seeds are linked below depending on your needs.

For example the premium lawn grass seed linked below is extremely high-quality, non-ryegrass lawn seed mixture. Ideal for lawn enthusiasts, gardeners, landscapers and domestic user.

If you have areas of shade on your lawn, shade lawn grass seed may be a better choice for you.

This is Market leading, specially formulated seed mixture for Shaded areas.

Another option is Hard Wearing Lawn Grass Seed which is a premium, hard wearing lawn seed mixture with easy fast germination and rapid establishment.

Some of the grass seeds take longer to germinate than others but they all produce a really good thick quality healthy looking finish to your lawn.

Something to pay attention of when you buy seeds is the packing dates so you know it is a good fresh mix so you know it should have no issues

Step 3 – Applying the grass seed to the patches

Start by dropping some seeds into the patch on your grass.

You can then cover the patch with some topsoil, in this case I’m using sandy top dressing in which I had left over from some previous work that I did on the garden earlier in the year.

That’s pretty much it, just repeat the process for any bare spots or the spots that need filling in.

They look a bit of a mess to start with but within no time at all the seed should germinate and fill in any spots you need filling.


September and October are perfect months for over seeding because the heat of the summer has just so started to back off a little bit and you’ve got ll the rains coming through from autumn.

You don’t really want to be doing too much towards the end or after October when there’s danger of frost because the seeds won’t take enough so get them down now and fill in all the patches and set yourself up for a good winter.

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