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How to Kill Lawn Weeds and Weed Grasses

Springtime is one of the most critical seasons for lawn care so it is important to know the best ways to keep your lawn in check.

A complete and comprehensive three-part guide for everything that you need to know about caring for your UK lawn in the springtime.

I’ll be talking about coarse grasses, annual meadow grasses and also broad leaf weeds.

Kill Course Weed Grasses in the Lawn

One of the things that you will most likely start to see appearing in your garden around this time of year is coarse weed grasses.

Weed grasses should be easy to spot as they grow a different height to your regular grass and they’ll probably look a different shade of green.

Normally it’s a lighter colour of green and they’ll grow more vigorously at this time of the year.

Weed grasses can become invasive and will overall reduce the appearance of your lawn therefore it is important to manage them.

One of the first things we want to do is remove coarse grasses in the lawn because these will be competing with the types of grasses you want to keep in your lawn.

Weed grasses are a type of grass that won’t be killed by traditional selective weed killers so the best way to control them is by cutting them out or carefully locally treating them with a non selective weed killer although be prepared to kill off the localized area.

Some of these like annual meadow have a shallow root system so if you take a knife, make a cut across the crown of the plant this will assist you to manually remove them by hand weeding.

Kill Lawn Weeds - Get rid of Dandilion, Clover, Chick Weed
How to Get rid of Weeds in your Lawn

Annual Meadow Grass

The next type of grass I’ll be talking about is Annual meadow grass which is a type of grass you will see especially in early spring time.

You’ll start to notice the seed heads popping above the rest of the grassheads and generally you’ll see white seed heads.

These plants can re-sow themselves every year, they’ll tend to die off in heat of summer but just one plant can sow lots of seeds for it to to return the following year.

Aside from hand weeding to remove these, the other thing you can do with annual meadow grass is make sure that when you mowing you take the mower down a level and also bag the clippings to ensure your not spreading the seeds across the lawn.

Another thing you can do is rake the the lawn which will allow you to lift some of the grasses that might lay flat or buried within the rest of the grass and by raking it it’ll lift them up and help the mower catch the clippings and take them away from the lawn to prevent as many from growing.

There’s are spot in my lawn that are particularly infested with meadow grass.

Please watch my linked Youtube video for this article below to see an example of what meadow grass looks like , you will be able to see the white seed heads and they’ll generally grow quicker than your normal turf especially at this time of year.

As discussed before by raking the leaves you’ll lift the grass out of the bed and you’ll be able to take away the seeds from the lawn to prevent reseeding again the next year.

Obviously you’re not going to get rid of 100 of the plants this way but it is one method you can use to control the spread of this growth.

Broadleaf weeds

The next type of weed you might see in your garden is broadleaf weeds such as dandelions and clover ect. This particular weed I treated with a selective weed killer and this will trigger the broadleaf weeds to start to die back.

The fertilizer have used for my spring application is dark green lawn, I’ve found it’s quite convenient and it’s very easy to use especially if you follow the application rates recommended on the back of the pack.

I found it very effective for controlling the weeds in your lawn after you’ve removed weeds and corse grasses from your lawn you’ll probably start to see some bare patches don’t worry about that for now

The key thing is is to get these weeds out of your lawn so then you can reintroduce favorable grasses into your lawn and improve the appearance overall

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