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Get A Perfect Spring Lawn with these 4 April Lawn Tips

It’s matt the garden lawn care guy and today we’re going through April’s lawn care tips.

I’m going to be covering all the different types of fertilizer in terms of pre-seed fertilizer, granular fertilizer all-in-one products weed control

Regular Mowing

The first tip for April starts mowing regular mowing will get you 80 percent of the way there to achieve your lawn care goals.

It’s the most basic and fundamental thing that regular mowing of the lawn at the right height will significantly increase the quality of your overall lawn care.

Previously I’ve done a few light trims with the rotary mower because it’s a little bit lighter and I’ve just done my first cut with the cylinder mower as the ground’s starting to firm up a little bit and I’m starting to reduce that height ready for the spring.

So we’ve just talked about mowing the lawn can get you up to 75 percent of the way there through your lawn care journey.

April Tips For A Perfect Spring Lawn

Fertilise Your Lawn

The second biggest thing that you can do is implement a correct fertilizer plan

There’s quite a lot of different types out there and all the products that I’m mentioning today can be found in links below

So I’m gonna take you through some of the most common types of fertilizers that you might see starting from the left of this one here.

Pre Seed Fertiliser

This is a pre-seed fertilizer and what this means is if you’re planning to renovate your lawn in the spring or the autumn time pretty much.

The only thing that I would be putting onto the lawn is a pre-seed fertilizer the reason for this is we’ve got lower nitrogen and higher phosphorus nitrogen is good for pushing new growth which we don’t really want when we’re planting new seeds because we don’t want our seeds to end up leggy.

We want root development and the thing that gives us root development is phosphorus

So look for a pre-seed fertiliser when you’re sowing new seeds on your lawn

Spring & Summer Fertiliser

If you’re not seeding your lawn then I would suggest to use a spring/summer lawn fertilizer such as our dark green lawn feed which is much higher in nitrogen.

A phased release fertiliser with high nitrogen content is going to boost the lawn out of winter wake it up, and trigger lots of new growth.

All in one Fertiliser

The third type of fertilizer is an all-in-one type of product now when you’re using an all-in-one type of product

It’s going to have your fertiliser itself, it’s going to have things like weed killers in there and it’s going to have things like iron in there to control moss

Now these products can be useful if you’re quite new to lawn care but they do need to be used with caution and make sure you follow the application rates.

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Weed Control

So let’s come and have a little look at the garden and see what we’ve got going on – there is a telltale sign that spring is coming.

You can probably see in the lawn and garden beds we’ve got some weeds coming through and a bit of weed grass starting to grow.

So overall the best way to tackle weeds in the lawn is actually go on the offense and by that, I mean keeping a thick and healthy lawn in the first place and it’s going to dampen the ability of the weeds to grow

Where weeds are emerging you can use a selective weed control treatment that says “kills weeds not lawns”

Seeding the Lawn

I’ve got a hard-wearing grass seed mix which is a bestseller for family lawns and this is going to be most suitable for areas with high wear and tear and usage in a family hard-working lawn

Where you want a premium finish and I’ve got the last variety which is one that I’m probably personally going to be using in my renovation plan which is an American dark green mix.

When you’re applying seed you can apply it using a rotary spreader and that can be great if you’ve got a larger area to cover or a hand held unit

How I like to apply seed is to do some scarification or aeration first they are brilliant processes to start this time of year.

I like to scarify and aerate clear the debris out of the lawn so the lawn can breathe and give it an opportunity to receive any of the new seeds and the fertilizer that you’re going to put down

Then a light covering of dressing on the top of that and then after I’ve put the top dressing on I’m going to tread or roll it in

Grass seed wants to germinate in the ground so when you tread it into the ground or put a layer of soil on the top that’s going to help promote great seed to soil contact and it will improve your success rate of germination.

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