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Pre Seed Fertiliser – Why you Need it When Growing Grass Seed

Who doesn’t want their new grass to be thriving and healthy?

When sowing your new grass seed, using a pre-seed fertiliser is beneficial because it makes vital nutrients available for the seeds you have sown.

It’s also important not only do we know when but what kind of fertilizer works best with our particular needs as individual gardeners!

This guide will discuss the benefits of pre seed fertiliser and when to apply it – let’s go…

What are Pre Seed-Grass Fertilisers & Their Different Types?

Pre seed fertiliser is a type of grass fertiliser rich in nutrients.

It provides your seedbed with the best foundations to establish new seedlings.

Regular garden fertilisers are often high in nitrogen (the nutrient responsible for green growth) however, for new grass seed and turf this isn’t what we want.

For new seeds the priority is root development so we want a fertiliser high in phosphorus.

There are different types of these fertilisers available on the market.

You can go for nitrogen fertiliser, which has more nitrogen content.

This type will work well if you have soil deficient in nitrogen. Similarly, you can use phosphorus fertilisers and potassium fertilisers to cater to deficiencies. 

There are quick-start fertilisers available on the market as well. These fertilisers have a combination of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, which are indicated with N-P-K ratios. 

Is a Pre Seed Grass Fertiliser Necessary?

A pre-seed fertiliser for grass is a must if you want your grass to be thriving and healthy. With this fertiliser, you can make your soil far more nutritious than it is. 

It would be better to go for a full soil assessment to be 100 percent sure whether you need pre-seed grass fertiliser or not. But using it will work wonders, as your seedbed will have the best foundation for your seedlings. 

You must apply this fertiliser before you sow your seeds into the soil.

After that, you will have to water the soil, and the nutrients from the fertiliser will disperse into the soil and make it more nutritious. 

When Should Pre Seed Fertiliser Be Put Down?

To get the best results, you should go for a complete soil assessment and see whether your soil needs it or not.

If it has the required nutrients nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, you don’t need to use this fertiliser, but that is not often the case.

In many cases, soil usually lacks the minimum nutrition content required to yield the best results.

Therefore, you can use a pre-seed fertiliser to cover those deficiencies.

You should use the products from 2 weeks before seeding up to 6 weeks after overseeding a particular section in your garden.

What Fertiliser Should I Use Before Seeding or Laying Turf?

Garden Lawncare Guy’s Seed Start & Pre Turf Fertiliser is ideal to ensure healthier seed growth resulting in thriving grass or turf. 

This pre-seeding fertiliser is made of non-toxic materials; you can even feed your new grass and turf.

As it is made of non-toxic materials, it doesn’t contain any artificial contents, so you won’t have to worry about staining when using this formula. 

You can conveniently use it on your lawn as the formula is pet- and child-friendly.

This fertiliser contains micro granules that are high in potassium content and encourage lush growth and root development to a new seed or turf. 

How Do You Apply Pre-Seed Fertiliser?

Using Seed Start fertiliser is effortless.

You can apply it up to 14days before seeding or turfing up to 6 weeks after.

If you decide not to use it before seeding, you have the option to apply it within 6 weeks after you have sown the seeds for best results.

You can apply it with your hands or with the help of a spreader. 

Make sure you apply it around 25 grams to 35 grams per square meter for best results and don’t forget to water the soil once you have used the fertiliser. 

Following the first cuts (from 6 to 8 weeks) of new grass with pre-seed fertiliser you can then apply a high strength fertiliser such as Garden Lawncare Guy’s Dark Green Lawn Fertiliser during the spring or summer or the Garden Lawncare Guy’s Dark Green Autumn Fertiliser during Autumn. 


Can You Put Grass Seed & Fertiliser Down Simultaneously?

Never put your grass seeds together with your pre-seed fertiliser. This product is not designed to work in this fashion. 

The pre-seeding lawn fertiliser might cause uneven distributions of nutritional contents that can result in patchy areas. Your seedlings might get burnt due to excessive exposure to fertiliser. 

The best practice is to apply your pre-seed fertiliser at least 48 hours before seizing your seeds into the soil. And if you are using Garden Lawncare Guy’s Pre Seed Fertiliser, you should put it into your soil at least 7 days before putting your grass seed into the soil. 

Should I Seed or Fertilise First During the Spring Season?

During spring, you can seed or fertilise your soil first. Both these options can work just fine for you. You can also put your fertiliser right after sowing the seeds into the soil.

Garden Lawncare Guy’s Pre-Seed Fertiliser works the best if you put it down into your soil at least a week before you sow your seeds. You can use this fertiliser right after you have sown your seeds and then water the soil for the best results. 

Should I Overseed & Fertilise Simultaneously?

You can fertilise and be overseed in any order you wish. However, most people go for a simultaneous approach it requires less effort and save you time

But if you choose to do overseeding and pre-seed fertilising separately, keep them at least 3 days apart from one another. 

What is a Starter Fertiliser for Grass Seeds?

Starter fertiliser for grass seeds works similarly to a pre-seed fertiliser. It has small quantities of nutrients that grass needs for better and speedy growth.

This formula helps your seedlings (and sod roots in case of overseeding) to develop much faster than any regular fertiliser. As a result, you will have a thick green lawn within a very short time. 

Is a Starter Fertiliser Mandatory for Grass Seed?

It entirely depends upon the soil type that you have. However, if you know your soil and its variety of nutrients, you can use the right type of pre-seed grass fertiliser for the best results.

A starter fertiliser has a combination of potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, and it works for all soil types. Other pre-seed fertilisers have targeted formulas of nutrients like phosphorus-rich, nitrogen-rich, or potassium-rich formula types. 


The Garden Lawncare Guy’s Seed Start Fertiliser is a perfect choice if you want a phosphorus-rich formula. It is developed from non-toxic pet and child-friendly materials. It feeds your young grass seeds gently and helps them develop strong roots. 

Regular lawn fertilisers can kill those delicate grass seeds.

So, you need a specialist pre-seed fertiliser to get the most from your new grass seeds

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