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March 2023 Lawncare Tips – Get Ready for Spring

If you are wondering what you should be doing with your lawn in March then you’re in the right place!

As the winter season comes to an end, many UK homeowners are starting to think about reviving their lawns for the spring season.

The cold weather, excess rain and lack of sunlight during the winter months can cause lawn diseases and dieback of grass, leaving many people with patchy unhealthy lawns filled with moss.

However, with the right care and attention, it’s possible to get your lawn back to its best condition for the upcoming season.

What should I be doing with my Lawn in March?

In March, as the winter begins to fade away, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your lawn for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

This is an important time to address any issues that your lawn might be facing, such as damage from winter weather, moss, disease, or pests and providing there isnt any frost on the ground you can start:

  • Fertilising the Lawn
  • Mowing the Lawn
  • Overseeding or Sowing New Grass
  • Moss Control
  • Weed Control
  • Scarification & Aeration

Can you use Lawn Feed in March?

Yes – March is the perfect time to apply a high nitrogen fertiliser, as the grass starts to grow and requires more nutrients to strengthen its roots and thicken up after winter.

By feeding your lawn in March, you will help it recover from any winter damage and promote healthy growth in the upcoming months.

Dark Green Lawn fertiliser contains fast acting granules for a quick hit of nutrients but also phased release coated nitrogen that breaks down over time for long lasting results.

It contains nitrogen, phosphorus,potassium, calcium and magnesium ideal for the greening and thickening of grass, it’s also non-toxic so safe to use on family lawns and non-staining to protect your patios and hard surfaces

Is March too early to cut grass?

No – March is not too early to cut your grass infact, regular mowing is the key to a healthy lawn and if your grass is growing…. then you can still be mowing!

If you are wondering when you should first cut your grass in spring here’s 5 easy mowing tips for March

  1. Make sure your lawnmower blade is sharp, replace it if needed
  2. Don’t cut your grass too short
  3. Pick a dry day and avoid boggy conditions
  4. Take care when turning your lawnmower to avoid damaging the grass
  5. Mow little and often to control the height

Can I put grass seed down in March?

March and April are the busiest months of the year for growing grass seed and an ideal time to overseed your lawn or sow a new lawn from scratch

Some grass seeds can grow in cold weather down to 5 degrees whilst others need 10-12 degrees Celcius to germinate so it’s important to check the weather and pick the right grass seed for your lawn

Here’s our most popular grass seed mixes and when you can use them

Can I apply moss killer in March?

March is an ideal time to apply a moss killer containing iron sulphate. We suggest to rake or scarify the moss first and then use an iron sulphate based product which turns moss black.

Iron sulphate is a common ingredient in moss killer products as it helps to de-hydrate the moss and also provides nutrients to the soil that green up grass.

TIP : Make sure to brush down hard sufaces after using iron sulphate to avoid staining

Is March too early to scarify a lawn?

You can scarify your lawn in March providing the conditions are right. Make sure to avoid wet and boggy lawns and also any frost to prevent damage to the grass.

If your lawn is relatively firm under foot then you can scarify it and then apply moss treatments, weed killer and a spring lawn feed to speed up the recovery

What do you spray on weeds before spring?

If you’re looking to get rid of common weeds in your UK lawn before spring, a selective weed killer is a great option.

These types of weed killers that say “kills weeds not lawns” are designed to target specific weeds while leaving the surrounding grass unharmed.

Look for a selective weed killer that is specifically formulated for the types of weeds you’re trying to eliminate, some of the most common weeds found in UK lawns include

  • Dandelions
  • Clover
  • Buttercups
  • Plantain

These weeds can be difficult to control without the use of a selective weed killer so make sure to read the instructions carefully before using any weed killer, and apply it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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With warmer temperatures March is the start of this years lawncare season and an ideal time to start controlling early weeds that crop up and begin fertilising your lawn. If the temperatures allow it you’ll be able to start using grass seeds to thicken up any patches or sowing new lawns from scratch.

Visit our online lawncare shop today and find everything you need to keep your lawn healthy and green. From grass seed to lawn fertiliser and wild flowers, we have everything you need to maintain a beautiful lawn.

With 5 star reviews, free delivery and a wide selection of professional-grade products visit our lawncare shop now and start taking the first step towards a healthier, happier lawn!

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  1. Great tips. Thank you very much!

  2. My lawns are looking ragged. The front of the house lawns looked ravaged by damp weather, pooing animals, insects, moss and probably disease. I’ve had two years of lots of both slugs and leatherjackets. I want to get the lawns back into good nick but I’m a little confused. Should I be taking out the thatch first? The lawn also needs levelling as it’s very bumpy but your advice is not to cut the grass too low early in spring. So, where to start?

    1. Hi Lee, cut your lawn then scarify it to remove dead grass, moss and debris. Apply Iron Sulphate to the lawn and use a weed killer if needed. Finally after a few weeks you can rake again if needed and start to overseed it.

  3. Thanks for the info, question, how soon can I reseed patches following applying weed killer or iron sulphate to my lawn?

    1. I normally leave it a couple of weeks before seeding after using weedkiller and iron sulphate

  4. Mark Cromie

    Hi there I have cut an scarified my new build lawn the rear just as afraid to muck the front up lol, I was sick of the spongey thatch and ugly meadow grasses so all out now its really bare I have forked some seed an liquid seaweed down do I need to fert on top or see how it starts to come with the weather picking up slightly.

  5. Hello,
    I would like to check with you should i follow this sequence for my lawn care this month? as my lawn is not in good share and some parts of it i need to put some seeds completely.
    please kindly advice

    1. Fertilising the Lawn
    2. Mowing the Lawn
    3. Overseeding or Sowing New Grass
    4. Moss Control
    5. Weed Control
    6. Scarification & Aeration

    many thanks for your help.

    BR, Winnie

    1. Hello here is the sequence, 1) cut & scarify if dry enough 2) weed and moss control 3) overseeding & feeding

  6. Hello,

    Regarding the temperatures to germinate, are they minimum night time temperatures as generally, the daytime from now on will be above 10 degrees? How does the odd cold evening affect the overall germination within a 2 week period? Cheers

    1. Hello, the temperatures are actually based on the soil temperature which is a bit less variable than the air temperature. In general the seed will take 7-28 days to germinate and providing the evening temperatures arent close to freezing it shouldn’t impact the seed itself but more so how long the grass seed takes to germinate

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