How to use Seaweed on your Lawns – Envii Liquid Seafeed Xtra


In this article I am going to talk about the benefits of using liquid seaweed on your lawn and talk about some of the results I’ve had from using this product.

I will also talk about how to calculate the area and square meterage so that you are able to apply the adequate amount to your lawn and some different ways that you can apply it to your lawn.

Following on from my spring lawn care regime linked here Level Lawn and Overseeding – Spring Lawn Care Part 2 the lawn is starting to bounce back into shape.

I’ve still got a few bald patches here and there but overall the grass seed seems to be germinating and I’m really impressed of how the lawn has filled in and starting to come back to life ready for the summer.

Overall the lawn has filled in well after me top dressing and overseeding it (article linked above) however I am still seeing some patchiness in the lawn so I’d like to get a smoother, greener finish across it.

Part of this might be down to some of the really hot weather that we’ve been having at the moment but also i think the lawn’s ready for a bit of a feed.

The benefits of using Liquid Seafeed on your Lawn

  • Organic based product that can be used on all plants
  • Helps improve plant growth
  • Helps protect the plant against diseases
  • Supports those macronutrients in the grass and also give it a dose of iron

All these things will help you achieve a greener and healthier lawn.

Liquid seafeed xtra has got really positive reviews across amazon and has been rated four and a half stars. I have also been recommended it by a few my close friends who have seen great results from using this product.

Preparation before applying Liquid seafeed

I got the one liter version of premium organic seafeed fertilizer which promotes healthy plant growth and crop yield.

The back of the bottle shows you the different types of use cases obviously we’re going to be focusing on grass use.

In all cases it says to mix the seafeed extract with cold water at the given concentration rate and apply either using a spray on watering can or a hose end sprayer.

The product gives clear instructions of what frequency of application is required for your grass, it says treat 10 milliliters for every 5 liters of water once a month and that’ll treat around 2.5 meters squared.

I’m going to go through how you can calculate this for your garden and also the results that you can expect when you’re finished.

Before applying the product i like to mow the lawn.

At this time of year I’ve still got annual meadow grass seed germinating the lawn so i like to rake it beforehand to lift the heads out of the soil so we can mow them off and help reduce the spread of this grass in the lawn

Liquid Seaweed On the Lawn - Envii Seafeed Xtra

How much seaweed should I apply?

The next step is to calculate the area of your garden so you know how much product to put down.

The easiest way to do this is draw a quick sketch of the shape of your lawn and then take the measurements so you can work out the area.

If you don’t have a perfectly square or circular lawn like me you can divide the sections up into smaller shapes and add their areas together to give you a full shape.

So the horizontal section of the lawn is 8.8 meters across and I’m also going to take the same measurement for the vertical section of the lawn going from the bottom to the end of the garden.

Please see youtube video linked at the bottom of the article to see more clearly how to calculate measurements of your lawn.

If you already know the square meterage of your garden you can skip this section and move to application and results section.

However it is always a good idea to check your calculating the size of of your garden correctly to ensure you’re applying the correct amount of this product.

As you can see in the video linked below I’ve divided the lawn up into two smaller rectangles on my sketch, one at the top and one at the bottom which measure in at 8.8 by 6.5 and 2.4 by 0.8 meters so if you times the length by the width it’ll give you your areas in square meters.

So the two areas is 1.9 meters squared plus 57.2 meters squared which is 59.2 meters squared in total . For the sake of keeping easy to work out the maths I’m going to call it 60 square meters.

We can see from the instructions on the bottle that it tells us we need 10 milliliters per 2.5 meter squared so I’m going to divide 60 by 2.5 to work out how many lots of 10 milliliters i need.

That is 24 lots of 10 milliliters which is 240 milliliters to cover my lawn.

The next step is to work out how much water I am going to need to mix with my 240 milliliters so we know that five liters of water covers 10 milliliters of product and i need 24 lots of 10 milliliters so i can do 24 times 5 equals 120 liters of water.

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How to apply Liquid Seaweed

There’s a couple of ways you can apply this, if you’re thinking about doing it with a watering can you’ll quickly realize that 120 liters of water is a lot of water.

You can do it by a knapsack sprayer or i like to use a hose end connector.

For hose ends we need to work out what the flow rate of water is so we can work out how long to spray the hose end sprayer for.

You can do this by turning the flow on and filling up a watering can and i pick five liters which is common to our calculations.

Five liters took me roughly 40 seconds to fill up in the watering can using the hose end sprayer so i know i need 24 lots of five liters as we worked out before.

24 times 40 is 960 seconds and i can divide that by 60 which gives me roughly 16 minutes of spray so i know that if i put 240 milliliters of water and spray for around 16 minutes i should get roughly about the coverage required to cover my lawn.

It’s important to note that these type of sprayers are less accurate than using a knapsack or a watering can for example but for this type of product I’m okay with that.

I definitely would not use this watering method for something like a weed killer or a more stronger fertilizer but for this type of seafood tonic.

Its absolutely fine and I’ve tried and tested this method on a number of different occasions and gives great results.

One of the cool things about this liquid seafeed product is there’s actually a measuring cap at the top so you can easily see what dose your measuring out.

If you squeeze the bottle it’ll fill the cap up and as you can see in my video below I’m putting the required 240 ml of liquid into the filler.

For this particular product you also need to top the remaining reservoir up with water, select the water and feed option and i like to use the shower spray nozzle there are two other nozzles a fan and a more hose type nozzle i think the shower one works better you get a wider coverage of area and i think it helps dilute the product a little bit better through the mechanism.

Like with all lawn applications you want to make sure you’re doing multiple passes in multiple different directions across the lawn to get the best finish.

What i find with this is initially it doesn’t look like the product is dissolving through the system but it actually is and if you’re getting close to the end of your time period what you can do is turn the gun on its side or even upside down which will help drain the last of the liquid out of the tool and onto your lawn.

Throughout the dosing, the reservoir will stay full it won’t drain out it’ll always be full of water but at the end of it if you turn it upside down it will drain and it’ll help flow through the tool and you could end up with an empty tank if you turn the tool upside down.

Results from using Liquid Seaweed

If you want to see the results from me using this product on my lawn please see the video below.

I’m only hopeful throughout the rest of the month that this is just going to get better and better with time.

I would definitely recommend this product and I’m also planning to supplement this on a monthly basis with more of a slow release fertilizer so i have a slow release fertilizer that I apply less often and the sea feed which I’m applying once a month to get this brilliant finish.

If you found this article and video useful please give it a thumbs up and leave a comment with the ways that you found best to apply this product to your lawn. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel for further tips on how to achieve a great looking lawn.

I’ve got lots of great content coming up that will help you maintain your garden so that you can get the most out of it this summer.

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One comment

  1. I have overdosed my newly seeded lawn with Envii seafood extra. A complete mistake on my part.
    I seeded 4 weeks ago and it wasnt thickening up as well as the lawn I set in June so thought I would give it a boost.
    I have mixed up far too much..5 times the suggested amount because I completely misread the measuring jug.
    As soon as I realised I watered well.
    Please tell me I haven’t done ireprobable damage!

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