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How to Level & Overseed a Lawn

This article is going to talk about how to overseed your lawn and get a flat level lawn.

I will talk about how your lawn might look during the overseeding process and how to look after it with this step-by-step timeline from start to finish.

In the last article called Kill Lawn Weeds UK I talked about how to kill weeds off in your lawn which also included guidance on controlling broad leaf weeds, removing coarse grasses and fertilization which is going to give you a really good foundation for your spring lawn care regime.

Introduction – Overseeding and Top dressing

As you can see from the vioeo linked below my lawn does not look great at the moment

I’ve recently overseeded and top dressed the lawn with a sandy mix and this is just really to level off any of the bare spots you can see in your grass.

I had a particular low spot in the middle on my grass, running along the sides towards the back of the lawn so this was my main focus when applying the top dressing.

By combining top dressing and overseeding you can achieve great results because the top dressing mix will help provide a good bed for the seeds to sit in and will also reduce take from the birds.

When the new growth comes through it will cover any top dressing that you’ve put down on your lawn and will blend it all into one.

Step 1 – Cut your Grass

Approximately 3 days after the overseeding and top dressing procedure the first step is to cut the lawn down to lowish height, this is going to make it easier for the seeds to come in contact with the soil bed.

Another benefit of cutting your grass is that when you come to apply leveling over the top of it you’re not applying it over thick grass so when the new growth comes through it can pierce through the top dressing layer that you put on and blend in with the existing lawn.

Step 2 – Overseed your lawn

After you’ve cut the lawn the next step is to overseed the lawn, i normally do this in two passes similar to how i would fertilise.

This means doing one pass in a horizontal direction and the other pass in a vertical direction just to make sure you’re getting really good coverage and you’re not missing any spots.

Step 3 – Applying top dressing

The next step is to apply the top dressing to your grass which is relatively simple.

If you’ve got a large area to cover you can buy a bulk bag of top dressing mix and then broadcast it using a spade.

I find using a straight piece of 2×4 wood just to drag along the surface helps to spread the product evenly across the lawn.

You can also use a rake or a broom just to help push that grass into the surface.

For a smaller area to cover you can buy small bags of top dressing mix.

Overseeding Results and aftercare

After about a week or so you’ll start to notice the growth coming back through, this will be especially boosted by the application of fertilizer we applied in part one of spring lawn care guide.

One of the things to remember is to cut the lawn on the highest setting for the first cut after overseeding to reduce the level of stress on the newley seeded lawn.

Another thing to look out for after you’ve seeded the lawn is birds. To prevent the birds from going on your lawn you can apply a mesh or a netting over the lawn but I’ve generally found aslong as you top dress the areas that you most want the seed to sit and keep on top of it the birds are generally okay.


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Lawn Overseeding Video

Too see the results of this step by step guide of overseeding and getting a level lawn please see my youtube video linked below. If you enjoyed this video please like my video and suscribe to my Youtube channel.

A FLAT and Level Lawn with SAND

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