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mowing the lawn in february

February Lawn Care Tips : First Cut of the year

Welcome to our February lawn care tips, where we’ll be covering everything you need to know about preparing your lawn for the first cut of the year.

Many of us are excited to get back out into the garden after a cold winter but it’s important to remember that the first cut of the year can be a delicate process, and you want to make sure you’re doing it correctly.

In this article, we’ll go over everything from how to set your mower to the benefits of using liquid seaweed, so you can have a beautiful, healthy lawn all year round.

First Mow of the Year // February Lawn Care Calender Tips (Winter)

Setting the Mower

The first thing you need to think about when it comes to the first cut of the year is your mower.

When you’re mowing, you want to avoid any frost that might be on the lawn. Also, you don’t want to take the mower down to its lowest setting, as this can put the grass under a lot of stress.

Instead, aim to set it to a high setting and gradually bring it down to a lower setting over you next few cuts

Winter Lawn Fertiliser

One of the key tips for February lawn care is to consider using lawn fertilisers and liquid seaweed.

This can help the plant recover from all the stress it’s been under almost like a boost to its immune system.

You can apply a winter lawn feed and a liquid seaweed to stimulate new growth providing it’s not too wet and there is no frost on the ground

Stay Clear of Frost

As we move into February, you want to start keeping an eye out for frost. If you can, try to do your first cut when the ground is a little drier, and when the worst of the frost has passed.

Snow Mold:

Another thing to watch out for is snow mold. If you see patches in your lawn that are going grey or producing white fragments, it’s possible you have snow mold.

This can be tackled in spring by raking out the dead matter, overseeding, and getting your lawn back into shape in spring

Try to avoid piles of snow and debris on the lawn which can encourage diseases

Preparing for Spring Renovation

Finally, it’s important to start planning for any renovation plans you have in store for spring.

This includes selecting the right grass seed, getting your fertiliser ready, and preparing your mower.

The biggest tip for a healthy lawn is having a sharp blade and cutting the lawn regularly and often.

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What are the best lawn care tips for February?

Some of the best lawn care tips for February include avoiding walking on frosty ground, setting your mower to a high setting, and applying a winter lawn feed

Why is having a sharp blade important for lawn mowing?

A sharp blade on your lawn mower is essential for achieving a neat and healthy lawn. A dull blade will rip and tear the grass, which will cause stress to the plant and can even leave brown patches. Keeping your mower blades sharp ensures a clean and precise cut.

Can I fertilise the lawn in winter

Yes, use a specialist winter lawn feed to help provide the grass with key nutrients but not put on too much top growth

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