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Compare the Best UK Native Wild Flower Seeds

What makes the Best Wild Flower Seeds?

If you are new to buying wild flower seeds online or even if you are an experienced grower here’s the 4 things that make the best quality wild flowers

There are 4 key factors that come into play when growing and picking the best wild flowers seeds which i’ll explain in more detail below

1) – Wild Flower Seed Quality

Did you know that many seeds that are sold are very closely regulated and retailers require a license to market and sell them.

This drives high standards for germination, quality and packing of the seed mix and also clear documentation of the contents.

Wildflowers however, do not have the same level of regulation

Some lower quality seed sellers cut down the price by adding bulking agents such as bird seed, saw dust and sterile seeds

Our wild flower mixes are high quality ready to bloom seeds and do not contain bulking agents.

Pick a reputable wild flower seed supplier

Best Horticultural & Native Wild Flower Blends

2) – What is Wild Flower to Grass Ratio?

Wild flower and grass seed mixes come in a range of different blends with wild flower seeds being more expensive that grass seed.

If you are looking for a combination of wild flowers and grass seed then a common mix is 80% grass and 20% wild flowers.

PRO’s : This type of seed mix will also be cheaper as the grass seeds are less expensive.

CON’s : There will be less flowers and more grass. Sometimes grasses can out compete the wild flowers over time.

Our wild flower seeds are 100% wild flowers, with the exception of flowing lawn mix designed to create 80% grass and 20% lawn

Best UK Native Wild Flower Seeds

3) Do I need Annual wild flowers or Perennial?

Annual wild flowers will flower in the first year and die back. They need to rely on self seeding to re-appear year on year.

Perennial wild flowers will flower the second year and come back year on year.

Annual seed mixes are favoured for high colour in the first year and will impress with vivid shades and growth.

For our perennial mixes we have designed a clever percentage of annuals and perennial wild flowers together.

That means you get the best of both worlds with colour in the first year from the annuals and then going forward the perennials will produce year on year after that.

4) Origin : UK Native or Horticultural Wild Flowers?

Our mixes come in two types and it’s really a personal preference which type of look you want

Type 1 ) 100% UK Native only seeds such as the Premium Mix and Cornfield Annual


Type 2 ) UK Native & Horticultural Seeds like dwarf meadow, bee’s knees and annual etna

UK Native mixes most represent our natural UK climate and come from selected high performing wild flowers found across the UK

The UK Native & Horticultural includes our Native species but also introduces a more showy high colour side with the likes of brightly coloured Cosmos seeds for a range of vivid colours.

Want to learn more about Wild Flowers?

I hope this buyers guide has been useful to select the best wild flower seeds for you as a general overview

To find out more – Click Shop for Wild Flowers or click on your favorite mix below to find out more details on the product page


  1. Steve Smith

    Matt, had a wonderful first time display of wildflowers, which are now dying off! I mixed annual and perennial seeds and was wondering if there is some seed that will produce wildflowers that last into the autumn that I can sow next spring?

    1. hi steve, in general if you sow in autumn the flowers will come sooner in spring. If you sow in spring the flowers will be later, to extend the flowering you could sow some annuals late spring like the Annual Etnam mix – the later they are sown in spring in general the later you can have flowers into summer

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