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What is the Best Sprinkler to Water my Garden

How to water your lawn like a pro, in this article I’m talking about the types of sprinklers available and which one could be most suitable for you based on the shape of your lawn

I’ve got loads of detail about which type of sprinkler you should pick depending on the shape of your lawn, how to get the best coverage and things to look out for to get the best results

How to water your Lawn like a PRO

What are the types of Garden Sprinkler?

Generally there’s going to be four main types of sprinkler, I have linked them below using an affiliate link. I can earn commission from successful purchases at no additional cost to you.

In almost all cases a professionally installed sprinkler system is going to give the best results and help automate your watering cycle however it is going to come at a much higher cost compared to other options.

So here’s how to pick the best sprinkler for your garden

Sprinklers for Circle Lawns and Gardens

If you have got a circular lawn you’re probably going to be looking at one of the two rotating types of sprinklers.

These are really portable, easy to use and if you haven’t got a full circular shape say a pie shape or a wedge shape these are also really good sprinklers to consider because you can adjust the amount of radius that the sprinklers cover

Sprinkler for Square and Rectangle Gardens

For square and rectangular Gardens the oscillator sprinkler is going to be best this will spray water in a rectangular shape a pattern and again you can control how much of the water you want using the adjustment clips

If you’re looking at purchasing a sprinkler there are some links in the article

How much area will a sprinkler cover?

With my water pressure I’m getting around 11 meters either side which covers the lawn, if your lawn is smaller than that you can adjust it using the clips on the side which will basically stop the water from a left-to-right motion and give you as a narrower range.

Having a narrow range will also reduce your watering time if you’ve got a small garden because more water will fall in a smaller range

The water pressure you have at home will definitely impact the coverage you can get so you will need to test these sprinklers based on your own water pressure to get a fully accurate coverage.

On my front lawn I’m using an impact type of sprinkler, this allows me to control the range from left to right and I found that it covers this much smaller area a little bit better

As this sprinkler sends the water out the front it out it hits the diffuser on the front of the sprinkler which diffuses the water across the lawn.

There is an adjustment on the right hand side where you can control the range and the diffusion and you can also set it to do a full 360 or cover a pie shaped region

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