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How to use the Pro Plugger to Repair Lawn Patches

I’ve been growing some grass seed in boxes for roughly six to eight months and the grass has really started to grow now, it’s an ideal time to trim them back and use them to fill in some patches in the lawn.

I am interested to try out the ProPlugger to seed if I can easily remove these grasses and replace them with lawn grass seed

This article has been sponsered by who have given me a Pro plugger and affiliate link to test out transplating the grass from the boxes into my lawn.

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Repair Lawn Patches & Weeds with Grass Seed Plugs

Growing Grass in Seed Boxes

I’ve just finished giving the seed boxes a quick trim and if this was my own lawn, I wouldn’t leave the grass that long and cut it back by so much as that can weaken the turf but I have got a bit of a plan for how I’m going to use these boxes in the lawn.

I’m going to use the grass in the seed boxes to repair some bald patches and weed grasses in my lawn.

I have some annual meadow grass in my lawn, so can identify this by the seed heads and being a little bit lighter than the rest of the grass. The only real way to control this is digging it out and getting rid of it.

The seed heads will just keep reproducing and these little white seed heads can spoil the appearance of your lawn

Use Cases for the ProPlugger

If you have got dog burn in the lawn or weed patches, for example this can be a great way to quickly repair those spots.

The ProPlugger is very solid and can be used to remove plugs of soil from pretty much anywhere, it also has adjustable rings you can primarily use it for planting bulbs very quickly!

In terms of use you can drive it into the soil and then the idea is that you can just turn it upside down and the plug will fall out.

I am using it today to quick fix bald patches in the lawn and if i can find some weed grasses where I can get right in the crown of this plant to quickly remove them. When I used it I pretty much took out the full crown of that annual meadow grass out which i can replace with some fresh grass seed or soil plugs

Results using the ProPlugger

This tool did the job really quickly to pull out a soil sample and replace it with some of my good grass seed. You could also use this method and overseed into the spot.

It would work well on small burn patches, weed grasses, taking soil samples and ideal for its main use of planting spring or summer bulbs in the garden with an adjustable planting depth and high quality constructed tool.

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