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Ronseal Ultimate Protection Natural Decking Oil Review

A full review and step-by-step guide on how you can get a perfect finish using Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Oil. Click to Read More

Tuesday 29th September 2020

What to use

The Decking oil I used was Ronseal ultimate protection. I find this product to be really good and it applies really well, giving a long-lasting finish. The tools I used when applying the decking oil was:

The applicator pad makes absolutely light work of applying the oil onto the deck, it’s an absolute must-have to speed things up.

Ronseal Ultimate Protection Natural Review - Decking Oil Step by Step

Step 1

Before you start, clear and clean the deck, and then you will be ready to go. The decking I worked on was in pretty good shape, only about a year or two old, but over the summer and winter, the boards had started to fade slightly. 

Step 2

Make sure to read the label on the back of the tin before you start, as there are three different applications for this oil. On greatly untreated and weathered decks, you may need to use a decking restorer to take the decking back to its natural colour, as the oil will have a much better finish on a nice, clean deck. 

On previously painted decks, if the deck is flaking and peeling, use a decking stripper to get it back to bare wood. This is not as hard as you might think and it’s definitely worth it. If the deck is in good condition but is just a bit dirty, you can brush it off to clean the area, which will make the decking ready to accept the oil. 

Make sure the oil is thoroughly mixed by shaking the tin, then apply two coats of the oil. Leave for four hours between each coat.

TIP: It is recommended to start in the farthest corner and walk away from the back of the deck which I didn’t do on my first coat, but after finding this out I discovered it was much easier to apply. 

Step 3 

Apply your first coat of the decking oil making sure to start at the far corner and walk back from the decking.

Day 1 First Coat Down…

I found that after the first coat was down, the deck was already starting to look much, much better, showing a really healthy color. When comparing the photos, you can see that the deck no longer looks washed out. The next step is to wait four hours before applying a second coat. I did this the following day, but I was absolutely made up with the results from the first coat alone, you can just tell the difference from the pictures. 

Day 2 Second coat…

I applied the second coat the next day, and when I put back some of the old furniture that was stained in the original decking colour you could really see the difference.

I will be making a part two for this blog, staining the furniture on the deck, the handrails and the balustrade so make sure to subscribe to me on YouTube for more

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