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Compare Rotary vs Cylinder Mowers – Allet Classic & Bosch Rotak

Overview of the Alett classic 17 cylinder mower and my Bosch Rotak 43li

Picking up the new mower

I’ve been looking for quite some months to find ways to improve the channel and keep putting out great content and after i saw this cylinder mode pop up in Hereford i absolutely couldn’t resist going to pick it up.

I was in for an absolute treat, it was a few hours drive but when i got it backhome i was not disappointed.

You can see from the video the condition is absolutely brilliant, the blades are all in great work working order the body work there’s no scuffs and the motor runs perfectly.

I’m absolutely made up this and is a real real good bit of kit.

I’ve never used a petrol mower before i’ve always been based on battery

I’m really interested to see how this thing fairs up against some of my other equipment and it’ll also mean dropping the height of court down low than it’s ever been before.

The Best Petrol & Electric Lawn Mowers? Allett Classic - Bosch Rotak

Allett Classic Details

The grass box which sits on the front just lives on this little metal ledge that comes off.

This is a self-propelled mower and also the cylinder and the self-propelling mechanism can be independently controlled and it’s all powered by this 87 cc engine.

You can see on the front here there’s a switch for on off ignition for the engine and you’ve got variable speed control.

I think i’ll be going for the turtle setting to start with and you’ve got the fantastic grass roller at the bottom which is going to take my stripes to the next level.

The weight of the machine is considerably heavier than my previous electric model which is going to mean i’m going to be able to take the grass right down and still get great looking stripes.

This months Lawncare Picks

My other lawn mowers

I’ve also purchased a Bosch at cylinder mower which is a push based mower and this in the middle is my normal rotary mower so i’ve got all three bases kind of covered.

Between these three types of mower i’m going to be able to film loads of great content so if you’ve got any content ideas that you’d like to see drop me a comment in the section below and hopefully i can make some content that covers some of your ideas as well.

Finally here is the bosch ahm 38g this is a push mower which has got a cylinder type blade on it and this i’m hoping i’m going to do some comparisons between two or three the different products.

The cylinder mower is quite simple in construction it’s got a rear roller which will be great for stripes

It’s got an adjustable height setting so i can change the length of the cut it’s also quite lightweight and easy to move so i think this will be ideal just to lift out and chuck it on the front garden and see how we get on especially that we’ve just recently overseeded that patch so i’m hoping we can get some really good results.

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