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Lawn Edging: A Step-by-Step Guide to Give Your Lawn a Neat Finish

If you’re looking to give your lawn a clean and well-manicured look, lawn edging is a must-do task.

Edging helps keep the grass and weeds from encroaching on flower beds and walkways, and creates a defined edge that adds to the overall aesthetic of your lawn.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the steps of edging your lawn, from the tools you’ll need, to the process and techniques to get the best results.

3 Tools for Professional Lawn Edges (NO Power Tools)

Lawn Edging Tools

  • Half Moon Tool: Good for redefining the edges and getting a better shape.
  • Edging Shears: Any type of edging shears will do.
  • Hose Pipe or String: For creating new profiles and contours.
  • Plasterer’s Knife or Jointing Knife (with a six-inch blade): For dealing with edges against hard surfaces.

Edging Your Lawn

Trimming Back Overgrown Growth

  1. Get a good look at what you’re working with by using edging shears for a first pass.
  2. Use the half moon tool to define the bed and get a clear finish.
  3. Consider the growth of the shrubs and run the half moon tool along the edge as a guide.

Defining New Edges

  1. Use a hose pipe or string to draw new edges and create new profiles and contours.
  2. If you get confident with the edger, keep your foot on it while you move it along and having a sharp blade will help save time.

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Edging Against Hard Surfaces

  1. Use a plasterer’s knife or jointing knife with a six-inch blade to get a nice clean finish along the grass edge.
  2. This trick is especially helpful when dealing with seeds that have spilled out of the bed and into a hard surface area.

With the right tools and technique, you can achieve a clean and well-manicured lawn edge in no time. R

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