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3 Tools for Professional Lawn Edges (NO Power Tools)

Two months ago I started a project to renovate my tired old lawn. In this article i’m going to be taking you through some of the final details like the lawn edges.

The edges are a little bit overgrown and they’ve started creeping into the beds along the shrubs.

I’m going to be covering a full shaping of the edge right from scratch, typically if you keep on top of them during theseason you can keep them in check but before I get into the edging processes I thought it would be quite a good time to try out my first cut using my manual push cylinder mower that i picked up.

3 Tools for Professional Lawn Edges (NO Power Tools)

Lawn Edging

So now on to edging the lawn, the first two tools I’m gonna need is a pair of edging shears, any ones will do and also a half moon tool is going to be good for redefining the edges when you just need to take a little bit more off and get a better shape.

I’ve got a nice and sharp blade on here which is critical for getting a good finish and the first step i’m going to look at is trimming back some of the overgrown growth.

You can go straight in with the edging tool here if you’re feeling confident but i always like to do a first pass with the shears just so i can see what i’m working with and helps me get a neater finish.

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I believe overall if you manage to keep on top of the edges during the season you probably won’t have to take these steps but this is to set back an overgrown edge.

After the first bit of trimming’s done you can just tidy that up and it really lets you see what you’re working with.

The edges are already starting to look alot better just from taking that back and i’m probably not going to do any major reshaping of these

I find if you angle the shears slightly towards you, you get a really really good finish.

I’m now going to use the half moon tool just to define that bed a little bit and get a really clear finish

I can also take into account some of the growth of the shrubs by running half moon tool along the edge following your existing edge as a guide.

A hose pipe or a string to draw some new edges can be used if you want an entirely new profile and contours.

If you get confident with the edger you can keep your foot on it whilst you’re moving it along through and having a sharp blade really helps with this to save a lot of time.

Overspill from Grass Seed

In the next bit of the video i’m going to be looking at how to deal with edges against hard surfaces and also tidying up the general area of the lawn and finally i’ll give you guys the results at the end.

You can see here some of the seeds have spilled out of the bed when we first overseeded the lawnwe hit some really really heavy rain and i think that washed a lot of the seeds out of the bed and down into this area.

I’ve found a trick using a plasterer’s knife or a jointing knife and if you get a six inch blade you can run that right along the hard edge similar to this and it will give you a nice clean finish along the grass edge.

I’ve put a link for this particular blend of seed below and you can see here even the seed that’s washed out into this gravel area has germinated which has been neglected and it’s pretty hard conditions!

This is because of a special seed within this mix called tetraploid ryegrass which is actually is very durable and can root even in poor quality soils.

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