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The Ultimate Lawn Care Calendar 2023

Is your lawn looking a little worse for wear? or maybe you unsure of how to get started on lawn care?

We’ve put together the ultimate lawn care calendar, outlining exactly what you need to do each month to keep your lawn looking its best. Keep reading for all the details!

Oh and as always, feel free to adapt this calendar to fit your specific needs . Happy gardening!

December & January

The early months coming out of winter are often when the lawn can look it’s worst.

The days are shorter, so there is less light, the temperatures are cold so there is little growth and the rain or even snow makes ground conditions difficult.

Roll on spring!

What to do in the lawn for January, February / December?

Mowing – if the grass is growing you can tidy up the lawn however, avoid frost and stay off the lawn if it’s wet. No rush here though, if the conditions aren’t right then wait for better conditions.

Moss Control & Turf hardening- Rake moss and apply iron.

Wetting Agents – A wetting agent can help reduce surface water so in these rainy months the water penetrates the surface

What to avoid?

Frost & Wet conditions – Do not walk on the lawn or apply any treatments during the frost or very wet conditions as this will damage the grass

Winter Lawncare Products

March, April & May

Moving into spring it’s all stations go. The grass should start growing again and the priority is waking things up from the winter

Mowing – If the first cut isn’t completed by now then it should be time to start mowing more regularly

Feeding – Feed the lawn with Dark Green Lawn Fertiliser, high nitrogen feed that grass needs after winter

Seeding – With warmer temperatures mean grass seed can be used to repair patches or start a lawn renovation

Moss Control – If you haven’t done your moss control yet, rake out the moss first. I like to use an iron sulphate product like green machine after.

Weed Control – Weeds are best controlled when you can see them starting to grow. Remember to use a selective weed killer on the lawn that says something like “kills weeds not lawns”

Remove Debris – Scarify the lawn first to remove debris and thatch then after aeration as required

Grub Control – April / March is a good time to treat for common lawn pests

Liquid Treatments – Wetting agents, iron and seaweed for lawns can also be used to great effect this month

Spring Lawncare Products

June & July

Enjoy your hard work! The spring lawn fertiliser should be kicking in by now and things are looking close to their best in the lawn

Mowing – keep up regular mowing it’s the key to a healthy lawn, take off a little and often

Feeding – Maintain the feeding shedule with Dark Green Lawn Fertiliser

Seeding – Warm temperatures are fine to seed in, keep up with the watering on hot days to protect the seed and new shoots

Weed Control – Spray or remove weeds that are growing

Seaweed – Apply liquid seaweed can really help with plant health and to reduce the stress from the heat. Iron can be used if needed but avoid harsh warm weather.

Lawncare Products for Summer

August September October, November Lawn care

Toward the end of summer things are still looking great and the grass is ready to really start growing again in the autumn. Keep up fertiliser to protect against diseases and plan any autumn repairs

Mowing – As autumn comes the growth will still be fast so keep up regular mowing

Feeding – Move to an lawn autumn feed, feeding here is key to try and prevent lawn diseases like red thread that thrive in lawns lacking in nutrients

Seeding – Ideal time to overseed and summer stress patches or plan an autumn renovation

Scarify – When the heat has passed if the lawn needs it a good scarify will clear out any debris and thatch build up

Seaweed – Apply liquid seaweed can really help with plant health and to reduce the stress from the heat. Iron can be used if needed but avoid harsh warm weather.

Autumn Lawncare Products

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