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A Full Lawn Renovation in Just 4 Weeks

Anyone wanting to improve the appearance of their lawn has to see this video series it’s going to be a step-by-step guide where I’m going to take you through all aspects

This can be particularly useful for anyone in a new-build property looking to improve their lawn or in fact even on older properties where the lawn needs bringing back to life

The idea behind the series is a full renovation of the front lawn that you’ve just seen which has been heavily damaged by insects specifically leather jackets we’re gonna look at removing the weeds stripping back the lawn taking up coarse grasses edging over seeding and finally the final results

At the end I’m also going to be showing all the products that I am using throughout the renovation they’re going to be linked in the description below and I’m going to create a playlist of all the videos so they can group them in order one by one so anyone at home can follow on and get the same results as me

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Improve the appearance of your lawn

Just to frame this project the lawn is around 40 square meters but these methods can easily be scaled up to a lawn any size really and the starting point is not good we’ve got lots of bare patches lots of weed grasses growing throughout

Huge parts of the lawn have been really badly damaged by insect and grub damage and it’s come out into 2020 in a really bad place.

You can also see part of the lawn has been damaged by some of the heat it’s quite patchy in parts and just overall in really bad condition

We’ve got all sorts of weed grass we’ve got some broadleaf weeds and we’ve got insect damage so this is a really good sort of demonstration type of project of how you can take a lawn in not great condition and turn it into something really fantastic

After the leather jackets did so much damage at the start of the year and I found a lot of these sort of weed type of grass is growing and seeding in in my lawn whenever you find a bare patch like this in grass that isn’t particularly doing so well.

You’ll always find that it gets populated by some kind of weed or fallen grass that you don’t want in there and this is exactly why I want to do the renovation project is to really thicken this lawn up get it in healthy condition

4 Week Lawn Challenge - New Build Transformation

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