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4 August Lawncare Tips for Green Grass this Summer

August is a great time to start thinking about ways to keep your lawn looking green all summer long!

These lawncare tips will give you the solution to help get your lawn in good shape even with the heat of summer setting in.

August Lawncare

As the summer heatwave continues, it’s important to remember that it can have an impact on your lawn.

Here are a few tips to help keep your lawn looking great despite the heat:

  • Keep the lawn hydrated – to further improve water penetration and save money on your water bills use a wetting agent
  • Raise the height of cut – longer grass retains more moisture and has deeper roots to find water
  • Fertilise with Dark Green Lawn – Pick a week to apply lawn fertiliser outside of the intense summer heat and make sure you water it in and keep up the moisture levels to avoid burning the lawn
  • Apply a Seaweed Treatment – Seaweed is a bio-stimulant that’s great for giving plants a helping hand when they are under stress

Water your Lawn

It’s important to water your lawn correctly to ensure a deep root system is developed.

Avoid watering lightly and daily as this will only develop a shallow root system when the grass doesn’t search for water.

A good soaking less often is far more effective.

A lack of water can cause your lawn to brown or die in extreme cases.

Avoid using sprinklers during the hottest part of the day, as quick evaporation will waste the water and cost you money

If you have a garden with alot of shade, make sure to adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

Lawns in shady areas don’t need as much water as those in direct sunlight.

TOP TIP – Keep an eye on your grass and look for any signs of drought stress.

If you walk on the grass and see the footprints you leave don’t spring back after walking on it, act quickly to water those areas as they are drying out.

Water your lawn in the morning or evening when it’s cooler, as this will help reduce evaporation.

If your ground is hard or already dried out use a wetting agent to allow the water to penetrate the soil and maximise it’s efficiency

Raise the height of your mower

Taller grass means less moisture lost to the sun and air, and as an added bonus, it’s more difficult for weeds to get started.

During the hotter summer months, it’s important to raise the height of your mower blades so that your lawn can retain more moisture.

Taller grass also means less sunlight and heat exposure, which can help prevent weed growth.

Finally, raising the blades will give your lawn a nice, healthy bounce back when you walk on it – perfect for hot summer days!

Apply a Summer Lawn Fertiliser

When it comes to keeping your lawn healthy during the summer heat, using a summer fertiliser is a great way to give it a boost.

Most lawns need fertilising at least twice a year – once in the spring and again in the summer.

Summer fertilisers are designed to help plants cope with high temperatures, drought, and other stress factors.

Look for a fertiliser that includes nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) like Dark Green Lawn

These are the three main nutrients that plants need to thrive.

When applying fertiliser, make sure to read the instructions carefully

Avoid over- or under-fertilising your lawn, and be sure to water it in well afterwards!

Lawn fertilisers contain salts which remove moisture from the grass.

It’s critical you go easy on the lawn fertiliser during extreme temperatures and provide moisture to the lawn so pick your timing well.

Apply a Liquid Seaweed

Seaweed is a bio-stimulant that’s great for giving plants a helping hand when they are under stress.

If you’re having trouble getting your lawn to thrive during the heat, using a liquid seaweed biostimulant can be a great solution.

Seaweed helps plants to photosynthesize more efficiently, which makes them better able to withstand high temperatures and drought.

It also contains nutrients that help to strengthen plants’ root systems, making them better able to find water and survive in dry conditions.

So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to help your lawn stay healthy during the summer, using a liquid seaweed biostimulant is the perfect solution!


Q – How can I improve my lawn in the summer?

A – watering correctly, raising the cut height, using a summer lawn fertiliser and applying a seaweed bio-stimulant can help your grass during the summer

Q – “What fertilizer should I use in August?”

A fertiliser that includes nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK). These are the three main nutrients that plants need to thrive like Dark Green Lawn

Q – Should I Scarify my lawn in August

A – Scarifying your lawn can help remove any dead or damaged grass. Though you should not scarify your lawn aggressively in the peak of summer as the recover will be slower.

Q – What is a Wetting Agent?

A – A wetting agent is a product that is used to help water penetrate the soil.

It does this by breaking the surface tension of the water, which allows it to spread out more evenly and makes it easier for the water to reach the roots of plants.

What is the Best Fertiliser for your Lawn?
Best lawn fertiliser

August Summary

In order to have a healthy, green lawn all summer long, it’s important to water correctly, raise the cut height, use a summer lawn fertiliser, and apply a liquid seaweed biostimulant. These four tips will help your lawn thrive in the hot summer weather!

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