October Lawncare Tips

October Lawn Tips – Green Up Your Lawn After a Long, Harsh Summer

For many people across the country, summer was tough. Record-breaking temperatures and extended droughts left lawns brown and stressed.

But there’s still time to green up your lawn this October!

With the right care and attention, you can have a healthy, green lawn that will last well into the autumn and winter months.

Here are some October lawn tips to help you get started

Apply an Autumn Lawn Feed

Applying an Autumn Lawn Fertiliser in October will help to protect your lawn against disease and pests, as well as greening up grass that has been damaged by the summer heat.

Our Dark Green Autumn lawn feed has quick release granules and phased release granules.

The fast acting granules green up grass quickly after around 7 days whilst phased released granules continue to feed the lawn up to 90 days

It’s also non-toxic, non staining and pet/child friendly.

Use a Wetting Agent

Excess water and rainfall can be just as damaging to your lawn as drought conditions.

Using a wetting agent will help to manage water levels in the soil and help with excess surface water becoming waterlogged on the lawn

Clear Up Leaves and Debris

Leaves and debris left on your lawn can harbour disease, so it’s important to clear them away on a regular basis.

Use a leaf blower or rake to remove leaves, then mow over any remaining debris to collect it from the surface.

This might also help to reduce thatch build-up on your lawn

Raise the height of your mower

With sunlight and heat reducing the grass growth is slowing down

Keeping your grass taller means there is more surface area to absorb sunlight and prepare for the winter ahead.

Moss Control

Moss can be a problem in lawns, especially during the cooler months.

Moss thrives in shady, damp conditions and quickly spreads across the lawn.

A liquid iron sulphate can help surpress moss and harden turf. Green machine liquid iron gives grass a deep green up and can also suppress moss.

For larger lawns consider green snow powder as a cost effective solution

Seed Patchy Areas

It’s not too late to overseed your lawn…

Filling in lawn patches before winter is critial as leaving bare soil can only mean one thing – weed invasion!

With temperatures falling look for a rye grass based mix like our specialist Cold Start Grass Seed mix that grows in cold temperatures and is currently Octobers best selling grass seed

October Lawn Summary

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