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Grass Seed Calculator – How Much Do You Need?

If you are trying to working out How much lawn or grass seed you need to apply, it can be confusing.

For example, Did you know you need a less if you are overseeding compared to sowing a new lawn from seed?

Use this grass seed calculator to help work out how many bags of lawn seed to use for your lawn.

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Grass Seed Coverage

2kg – 30m² for a new lawn & 100m² for overseeding
5kg – 70m² for a new lawn & 200m² for overseeding
10kg – 140m² for a new lawn & 300m² for overseeding
20kg – 280m² for a new lawn & 600m² for overseeding

How much Grass Seed is Needed for Overseeding a Lawn?

When overseeding an existing lawn you will need to use less grass seed compared to sowing a new lawn from scratch.

TIP : For Overseeding

Typically, I recommend using 35g of grass seed per square meter for overseeding as a minimum

Want an extra thick lawn? You can even go to a higher application rate of up 70g / m².

How much Grass Seed for Sowing a New Lawn?

For new lawns you will need to use more grass seed, because there is no existing grass in place more seed is needed

TIP : For Seeding from Soil

Typically, I recommend using 70g lawn seed per square meter for growing a new lawn from bare soil.

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